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10 easy steps of quick SelfieBot assembling and connecting

  1. First of all make sure the SelfieBot is charged. There is a light on a charger. When it is red, the charging is going on. The SelfieBot is charged when the light is green or the light is off. The SelfieBot needs a 9V charger.
  2. Take a compatible Android phone/tab (7 inch max.) and install the SelfieBot Droid app on it. The Android version should be 4.2.2 or newer. You will need another Android device with the installed Selfiebot Droid App to control the device.
  3. Fix a phone holder to the SelfieBot and mount on it the Android phone/tab with the installed SelfieBot Droid app.
  4. Turn the Android phone/tab on and enter the Android settings to the Bluetooth inset.
  5. Turn the SelfieBot on by pressing a big red button on the rear part of the SelfieBot. A green light will flash.
  6. Activate the Bluetooth module on the Android phone/tab and wait for your SelfieBot to appear on the list of the available devices. Pair the SelfieBot with the phone/tab. If the procedure requests a password, enter 1234.
  7. Connect both Android devices to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 3g or 4g (LTE).
  8. Activate the SelfieBot Droid app on the phone/tab mounted on the SelfieBot. In the app menu choose «Connect over Bluetooth» and wait for the message «Connected to server. Waiting for operator» to appear in the app. status bar.
  9. The other Android device, with which you are going to control theSelfieBot, may be somewhere else on the planet where Internet connection is available (or at 15 cm away from the SelfieBot)
  10. Activate the SelfieBot Droid app on the other Android device. Make sure it is connected to the Internet. In the app menu choose «Connect over Internet». Transparent arrows will appear on the device screen. Touching these arrows, you can rotate your interlocutor’s Android device mounted on their SelfieBot to the left/right, up and down.

The SelfieBot is a very convenient device to make video calls via Skype, Viber or any other messenger. The SelfieBot may be used as a baby monitor or as means to distantly participate in conferences, briefings and sessions.