A ChatBot for courier delivery. A ChatBot for Internet-shopping


Provide a user-friendly interface to monitor and control the time of goods delivery by couriers and courier services.

Expected implementation:

The user can go to the ChatBot page online: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and get the information he needs concerning goods delivery.


  1. A roadmap is created on the basis of Google.Calendar or with Google Firebase, where delivery addresses and recipients’ detailed information are specified. Identifiers of the search are order or phone numbers, or a receiver’s name.
  2. As the courier delivers orders he either reports the delivery or the delivery is automatically considered to be executed at the time specified on the roadmap.
  3. Via API Google the approximate delivery time to each destination + time to hand .over the order to the buyer is calculated and represented in the database.
  4. By entering his name, phone or order number, the customer receives the relevant information on the actual time of delivery.
  5. The customer can ask the courier to shift the time of delivery making it either earlier or later.
  6. The courier can accept the change of the delivery time if the time-table permits. The accepted time change is automatically synchronized with the delivery server.
  7. The time of delivery to every point is automatically calculated according to the data of API Google.

Examples of customers’ requests:

  1. Specify the actual time of delivery for order 58/85/91.
  2. Is that possible to shift the delivery time to 19:00 for the order, phone # +79162254302?
  3. If the delivery is not possible before 13:00, can you deliver the order for Vlasova Olga Alexandrovna after 16:00?

Examples of ChatBot’s responses:

  1. The actual delivery time in view of the traffic jams and courier’s time-table is 13:54, 1/01/2017.
  2. Yes, the delivery time for the order +79162254302, is changed to 19:00, 1/01/2017
  3. Unfortunately, delivery of the order after 16:00 is not possible. The courier will be at your place at 13:15 today or tomorrow at any time that suits you most.