An Information ChatBot for Information resources

Many information resources require an additional tool, i.e. a channel of communication with their readers and subscribers.

Now information resources spread information among their readers and subscribers by means of texting or emailing. But many users prefer more personalized communication channels, such as instant messengers: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, where information resources have more opportunities to communicate and interact with users.

An information ChatBot can offer users the following sections:

1. Last minute news (in Breaking news style).

2. Current Newsletter.

3. Current events.

4. Opinions and interviews.

5. Topic of the day.

6. Partners’ proposals.

And so on.

In this case a user can get relevant information in the messenger he usually uses.

For example, a user is visiting some event and needs more information about it, such as: how to get there or where to park the car.

Information for the ChatBot can be loaded from current pages of the site for a ChatBot.

The advantage of the ChatBot is as follows: it can display up-to-date information directly in a messenger. It could be useful if the user is interested in getting this information.