Are coming in fashion

Fancy things have always been stirring people’s curiosity and interest. People tend to try, experience, and learn something new, unknown.

Demonstrate to other participants of the market that you like innovations, that you remain up-to-date with evolving technologies. Innovations help decrease expenditures and improve table service.

Don’t avoid robots; don’t be afraid to introduce them into your restaurant business. Our researches show that people like robots.

Here are some links to how robot-waiters are used in the world: A restaurant in China is trying to revolutionise customer service by introducing robot waiters to deliver food and drinks. (

A restaurant owner in China is opting to save on employee wages by foregoing traditional servers and using robots instead. The eatery, located in a shopping mall in Ningbo, a city in China’s northeastern Zhejiang province, has become a big tourist draw with its futuristic waitstaff. (

Hospitality goes hi-tech: Robot waiters and butlers are a reality (

Robots Are Coming for Waiters’ Jobs (

A robot waiter serves fruit to customers at a restaurant in Xuchang, Central China’s Henan province, Jan 11, 2015. The robot, worth $13,000, has been put into use to serve customers at the restaurant for ten days. (