Areas of application

What for?

  • Teleconference.
  • Shop visitors’ greeter.
  • Inspection.
  • Supervision.


  • Shops and big stores.
  • Restaurants.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Medical clinics.


  • Remote sales (incl. real estate).
  • Personal use.


  • Live feedbacks in branches
  • Help to avoid queues
  • Security survey
  • Remote access to different branches
  • Instant teleconference calls with managers and employees
  • Sales and consultancy
  • Monitoring and quality check
  • Arranging a negotiation process without inviting physically counterparties
  • Mentoring & teaching & coaching
  • Team buildings


  • Remote customer service
  • Sales and consultancy
  • Instant teleconference calls
  • Demonstration
  • Customer service support
  • Sales monitoring
  • Advertising
  • Customer surveying
  • Online translation or presentation of something
  • Ability to have remote inspection


  • Replace welcome greeters
  • Visitors surveying
  • Remote service
  • Digital reception
  • Possibility of remote payment
  • Ability to operate 24*7
  • Video demonstration menu
  • Remote order without waiter
  • Ability to make video calls from the café
  • WOW effect

Real estate

  • Real estate object remote demo
  • Ad hoc teleconference with several participants
  • Demonstration for multiple participant’s
  • Instant remote access
  • Security survey


  • 24*7 monitoring
  • Ad hoc inspection
  • Instant conference call with several participants.
  • Ability to share video, pictures
  • Ability to do webcast

Monitoring survey

  • Ad hoc inspection
  • Emergency assistance
  • Remote access to someone working place or desktop

Protection and security

  • 24*7 monitoring of a flexible perimeter
  • Ability to move to any place inside perimeter
  • Special tracking
  • Auto tracking
  • Trigger tracking
  • Trigger turning on the robot


  • 24*7 ability to operate hotel remotely
  • Ability for remote check-in, check out
  • Option for conferences and other activities
  • Ability to advertise something on robot’s screen
  • Ability to have robotic entrance greeter
  • Ability to talk to a manager any time
  • New way of communication with customers’
  • Ability to monitor terrain


  • Patient monitoring
  • Remote therapist visits
  • Opportunity to visit relatives or patients remotely
  • An additional way of communication

Mentors and conferences

  • Remote training and mentoring
  • Ability of a remote assistance
  • Ability to participate in a particular discussion or panel session
  • Opportunity to participate in a particular discussion


  • Ability to visit an exhibition remotely
  • Opportunity to participate remotely in a particular discussion.
  • Be on stand remotely
  • Talk / share screen with someone remotely


  • Remote education
  • Remote training and coaching
  • Ability to supervise remotely
  • Flexible system for webinars
  • Convenient system for live video webcast
  • More convenient way to communicate comparing to the stationary picture

For personal use

  • Opportunity to connect to the robot at any time
  • Opportunity to visit a loved one at any time
  • Possibility of an elderly person emergency contact
  • Apartment’s security survey
  • Opportunity to talk with loved ones at any time and without the need to constantly keep your phone or tablet in your hand
  • Ability to see anything you want
  • Opportunity to play with children

State authorities

  • Welcome option opportunity
  • Selective monitoring
  • Permanent record
  • Advanced customer support system
  • Ability to integrate with the current conference call platforms

Tour Agency

  • Possibility of remote sales
  • Ability to show something remotely (to connect to a robot in a hotel or resort)
  • Opportunity to demonstrate different places
  • Opportunity to demonstrate the actual video image of a place
  • Opportunity to give a real interview
  • Opportunity to have a real assistant nearby
  • Convenient way to arrange a conference calls
  • Flexible communication tool
  • Opportunity for live webcast
  • Flexible customer survey

Public places

  • Possibility of contact with more people at one time
  • WOW reaction
  • Ability to record and very stable image
  • Permanent video or live demonstration