Chatbot + SelfieBot

Chatbots. What Do You Need Them For? Overview of the Operation Technology.

What for?

Today chatbot usage is getting more and more popular, and in this context Endurance is working at the development of its own chatbot on the basis on the open-source BotLibre solution. Botlibre enables to connect a configured chatbot to any website, Facebook, Twitter account, Google mail, Slack, and to many other resources.

Botlibre presents very practical and easy API and SDK for a developer.


Using simple and logical algorithms for chatbot configuration and training, it will take you a few hours to create a chatbot, teach it and connect to practically any resource.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot for a site

Actually, it is a primitive artificial intelligence, which is able to respond to customers’ requests in the automatic mode, using a given pattern. For example, if a user cannot find something on the website, he can send his request to the chatbot, installed on the site. If the question is standard, the chatbot will relevantly respond to it, if the request is not standard, the chatbot will independently read the text on the website and offer this or that option, or will give the user a direct link to the site he needs.

This is very practical.


A chatbot for an email account

Small companies very often use conventional answering machines or operators to answer questions via email. When a chatbot is installed, the robot can deliver automatic responses and keep up a simple discussion.

Thus, you can save expenditures on the staff that handle incoming mails.

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Chatbots for social networks

In social networks, in Twitter account, for instance, moderators are very often those who respond to requests. Requests, questions, and comments in social networks are mostly one-type, so a chatbot can easily cope with this task.

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Chatbots for self-service terminals

As we see it, chatbots on the basis of Botlibre in self-service terminals have a great potential, since they deliver customers from the necessity of touching the display with fingers to perform this or that operation. It suffice to say what you want, and the chatbot will navigate you through the menu and help find the sections you need.

Installation of chatbots to the currently used terminals will enable more fruitful interaction of customers with machines.

Chatbot + SelfieBot

One of the main trends to use chatbots is, to our minds, their combination with table robots. Combining a chatbot with a table robot will make it possible to create a virtual assistant of the Jibo or Echo (Alexa) from Amazon type. Actually, it could make for a self-learning robot, which will learn your answers and adapt to you requests. To put it in other words, the robot will look for the relevant information for you the way the assistant in “Google Hello” or “OK Google” does. Using it, you’ll be able to call a taxi, book a hotel room or flight, secure seats, etc. The “follow me” function of the SelfieBot, ensured by a motion sensor and the rotation mechanism, will make you feel as if you virtually communicate with a real person not a robot.

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Integration of chatbot and information systems reduces costs and improves the quality of service

Actually, primitive chatbots have already operated in the telephone banking when you perform various operation using your pnone.

Installing a chatbot to one of the information systems ensures improvement of the service quality by simplifying the interaction between man and machine, by prompt and efficient response to customer’s request and saves costs for operators.

The use of chatbots opens great perspectives. It’s even hard to predict all the fields where they will find application. We believe that their usage will grow as fast as the artificial intelligence of the open systems of the Botlibre type will go from weak to strong.

Now the process of teaching and configuration of chatbots is not at all simple and takes much time, which creates some obstacles on the way to integration.

However, Endurance is ready to hold free consultations for commercial organizations, as well as to share their experience and knowledge with educational institutions to help students become professionals with skills and background in artificial intelligence.


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We’ll be happy to help you and tell about the possibilities chatbots open.