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What can I do with the laser?

Best selling models

5.6W Endurance Makeblock engraving and cutting machine

8W Endurance DIY engraving and cutting machine

Endurance Makeblock engraving machine is a necessary solution for those who need a big coordinate table 31x39 cm (12x16'') with the functions of a plotter and laser cutter/engraver.

  • An excellent solution for home and office.
  • It has a big work area 31x39 cm (12x16'').
  • A practical software – Benbox.
  • An excellent solution for marking and making souvenirs.
  • It works with vector and raster images and G-code.
  • Endurance DIY is a universal solution both for home and small enterprises usage, such as souvenirs engraving and stamps making.

  • An expensive and practical solution for home, office and small workshop.
  • It is a compact table laser engraver with the work area of 20x20 cm (8x8'').
  • It has a great set of software: GRBL, CNCC LaseAxe, Benbox, mDraw.
  • It is easy to operate and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.
  • It cuts and engraves practically any materials.
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    Lasers open vast abilities

    You may create your own PCB



    The L-Cheapo cuts paper, acrylic, balsa, plywood, hardboard, cardboard, leather, felt, and foam and also engraves all these, plus ceramic and proto board. The image to the left is the result of the materials test. In addition to the wonderful reality of rapid prototyping that extrusion 3D printing has brought to the home shop, now you can create parts from significantly tougher materials for those bits that take all the force. Acrylic and wood are significantly better materials to make such things as gears and manipulators for your next robot design. This also means those parts of your design that need to bear heavy loads can be replaced with better materials without having them machined.

    As this tool can also engrave, artists, interested in adding to their capabilities, will find it useful, as well as other people who just want to add their logo or a cute little touch to their next prototype or the laptop they love. The tool is capable of working with leather, which opens up the possibility to translate all those complex intricate designs you have in mind to physical reality. The laser can also be used to ablate materials, creating arbitrary 3D relief, though it should be mentioned the high temperature will blacken most materials.

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