Claims Management

Our policy. How Endurance works with claims.

Must read it!

  1. Endurance takes into consideration customer’s claims only upon condition that the customer used the acquired product in full accordance with the Instruction posted on our website in Laser section (the link is updated when the order is accepted).
  2. Pictures and videos proving the failure to obtain the desired result should be attached to the claim. The customer must show the engraving results by means of video connection.
  3. For an Endurance serviceman to identify the cause of the obtained result inadequacy the customer should provide him with their desktop overview and working process by means of video (Skype, TeamViewer).

Sequence of actions:

1. Reading of the guidelines of the laser use!
2. Installation of the laser on a 3D printer (instead of the extruder or as an addition to the extruder), or a CNC device.
3. Connection of the laser to the power control system.
4. Start of the mover controlling program (in a 3D printer it’s g-code performance.)
5. Start of engraving/cutting.

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