Do You Want to Build Up a Small Business of Your Own?

Endurance gives a marvelous opportunity to start one’s own business without heavy expenses and special knowledge.

If you:

  • Feel like serving people and want to make them happy, earning money at that;
  • Live in a place with the population of more than 10 thousand people;
  • Want to master new technologies and you have at least 500$,

we offer you an opportunity to start a laser cutting/engraving business!

A quite inexpensive but still a very good choice is a laser engraver 2.1W or 3.5W, 5.6W, 8W, 8.5W, 10W Endurace DIY engraving machine


To do a laser engrave or a laser cut you do not need special knowledge or skills. Laser cutting and engraving are very simple. You run software: GRBL, mDraw, CNCC Laseraxe or ACAN to do nice engravings.

What do you need to do?

  • Buy the necessary laser equipment from Endurance.
  • Download the instructions. Learn to use the equipment and create masterpieces of art.
  • Organize a sales channel (Etsy, eBay, Amazon). Use social media: Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Start engraving services.
  • Enjoy and earn money!

Why don’t you build up a small leather workshop of your own?

It is very easy to get started. Additionally, we tell in details how to operate the laser and engraver.

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What can you do using our laser/engraver?

You can engrave wood, leather, stone, plastic, acrylic, glass, metal (even painted and anodized aluminum), strone.

As the process of engraving is automatic, you can draw a simple image or an interesting individual pattern for a customer, or offer a selection of ready image samples for engraving.

Thanks to the diode laser technology, many businesses already provide services for engraving and cutting using their own material or the material of the customer. The following materials have been successfully tested: paper, cardboard, plywood, wood, foil, plastic, acrylic, glass, leather, rubber, aluminum.

For aluminum you may use another technology, called electrolysis.


Safety precautions when working with the laser:

  1. Warning: working with toxic materials (PVC plastic) is hazardous to health due to noxious vapors! Therefore, use the air funnel!
  2. Protect your eyes! Wear safety green or red goggles!

Lasers also give users other opportunities. By means of laser cutting you can create stencils for etching or welding. Thus, using a 3.5W (3500 mW) Endurance laser with a linear velocity of 3 cm/min., we were able to cut a stencil pattern on a PVC sample, 5 mm thick.

When laser cutting, provide forced removal of combustion products, and you will be able to cut the plywood up to 4 mm thick. Cut out stencils, make printed circuit boards, and etch aluminum. Your customers will be happy!

Do you equip various devices with lasers?

Endurance lasers can be mounted on any 3D printers and CNC machines, as well as on constructors, such as: a DIY machine, MakeBlock plotter XY 2.0 kit and others.

Gcode is the primary programming language for this kind of devices. Geeks assemble their own devices, using stepper motors (RepRap). The Endurance laser body has 4 threaded holes, so it can be easily mounted on any CNC device. We successfully install a laser to 3D printers (BFB3DTouch, Wanhao Duplicator i3, Prusa) and DIY constructors (e.g., MakeBlock).

Examples of nice piece of art that were created using our Endurance  lasers (2.1W, 3.5W, 5.6W, 8W, 8.5W, 10W)

darth vader new 1
leather new 1
leather new 2
maker new 1
soft wood new 1
table new 1
cardboard new 1
wood new 1
box 2-2
box 3-2
deer depp engraving-2
girl and a cat-2
christmas collage
love santa
winter collage
glass 1
glass 2
maser yoda
star wars-Edit
bird 1
love 1
love and home 2
tablet 3
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
Start your own business. Open your workshop.
bread and salt



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