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Features and Advantages


  • Voltage: 12V.
  • Battery life: ~7 – 8 hours.
  • ADB interface.
  • 2 electric motors.
  • Total weight – 12 Kg.
  • Uses a car battery charger.
  • Uses an android tablet.
  • Uses a renegade control board.
  • No special software required – any existing VoIP apps using SIP protocol are good to operate the rig.
  • Uses a LinPhone to communicate.
  • wheel base length — 33 cm
  • wheel base width — 33 cm
  • hight with an i-pad — min. 90 cm, max. 153 cm
  • effective load on а level travel surface is 5 kg


  • The cheapest solution on the Market!!!
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Pre-installed familiar communication software: LinPhone, Skype, Hangouts, Viber.
  • Uses an Android tablet.
  • Can be easily customized.


  • It is very easy to cooperate and talk to people remotely. Bring yourself nearby.
  • Get live feedbacks from your customers. Talk to your customers if they are in a branch, office, shop, store, etc.
  • It is a new way to make conference calls. You can move while conversing, there is no need to sit in front of a camera.
  • It is a new way of freedom. You can be anywhere (at work or at a conference, at a presentation or at an exhibition) and talk as if you were in a specific place.
  • Be a smart presenter. You can present something remotely.
  • It’s a new way of supervision. Supervise someone or something remotely.
  • The Endurance telepresence rig is a new form of communication. Talk to someone like you have never done before.