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For business: sales promotion

  1. Place a SelfieBot at a point of sales where mass service of customers is needed.
  2. The SelfieBot operates in combination with a tablet (10” recommended).
  3. Start AddReality on the tablet, due to which a SelfieBot becomes an ideal assistant for business task solution: sales increase, brand awareness, communication with customers.
  4. When AddReality starts SelfieBot operates in the Demo mode: the tablet is rotating according to a given course.
  5. With the face search mode on, the SelfieBot tablet plays advertizing clips or presents a product.
  6. As a person comes in view of the tablet camera the tablet stops rotating and starts playing targeted advertizing for 5-10 seconds to attract the customer’s attention and new product promotion. As the targeted advertizing finishes an FB or LinkedIN page of the POS opens.
  7. The SelfieBot offers the customer to send a friendly request to the POS to keep informed about all upgrades; to like the POS.
  8. The SelfieBot asks the customer if he/she would like to make a selfie and send it to his/her Instagram.
  9. Instagram opens. The customer takes a picture and adds his/her hashtag.

What does the SelfieBot do?

  1. Effectively advertizes products or services.
  2. Stimulates customers to like a POS. Satisfied customers take selfies.
  3. Stimulates customers to give reviews.
  4. Connects customers with the quality assessment service or support service.

Why SelfieBot?

  1. The gadget rotation attracts attention.
  2. The face recognition function of the robot makes it possible to gather statistics concerning visits of some or other customers.
  3. It can take pictures and send friendly requests. It makes customers closer to the company.