DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.

For schools and colleges

We are looking for schools / universities to become our partners in educating students in robotics industry.

Presenting DIY SelfieBot to an educational institution, we share a 3D model (STL files), firmware, software with it for no cost. All you need is just buy electronics.

Basic things that SelfieBot does:

  • Rotates a mobile device in two planes.
  • Tracks a user’s face using Google API and our app.
  • Can be controlled remotely.

We are also looking for any upgrades of our solution. You are welcome to share your improvements with our community.

The SelfieBot education program will develop your skill in robotics, will help create your own robot based on the SelfieBot’s firmware/software. Join us to become part of a robotics community and enjoy what you do with us. Universities and colleges, participants of the SelfieBot education program are allowed to use the SelfieBots made by their students in noncommercial projects and for their internal use.

SelfieBot is not just a game or toy robot. It is a robot with useful features that can be used on campus.

SelfieBot can become a part of a project task. Students are welcome to upgrade it and make any forks. But it is necessary to refer to the Endurance SelfieBot as a basic source.


DIY SelfieBot educational program

Why is it important?

In 2014, robot sales increased by 29%, the highest level ever recorded for one year. The global market for robotic systems in 2014 was worth over $35 billion.

That is why robotics is a new taking off trend. Many cutting edge technologies will be used in the robotics field that is why it is important to have a full-fledged educational program that will give the best of the starts to get knowledge and experience in robotics.

In our educational program we present some of the major exciting courses dealing with:

  • 3D modeling and 3D printing.
  • Electronics and schematics.
  • Firmware and hardware.
  • Software and apps.

We look forward and try to imagine what factories of the future will look like, how we might use robots in our daily life and in classrooms, how driverless cars will change the way we travel today and much more.

Successful completion of the program will provide young developers with:

  • practical knowledge and experience in robotics;
  • basic principles of robotic design;
  • vision and understanding of present and potential real-life robotic applications.

What is a DIY SelfieBot educational teaching program?

A DIY education teaching program kit offered by Endurance is co-developed with academia for use by a variety of academic disciplines that benefit from accelerated robotics. Our education package contains everything an instructor needs to teach a full-term curriculum course in robotics, including:

  • a package with necessary electronics (kits),
  • teaching materials,
  • software codes (source),
  • assembling picture slides,
  • lecture video tutorials and guidance.

A DIY SelfieBot teaching Kit — Accelerated robotics

Covers introductory and advanced accelerated robotics programs. This material can also be used for teaching courses in robotics programming in many academic disciplines, such as computer vision, driverless robot, computer architecture, high-end robotics solutions, embedded robotics solutions, algorithmic obstacle avoidance and other computational domain sciences.

A Robotics Teaching Kit has

  • Microcontroller Arduino nano.
  • Bluetooth modules.
  • MG996 servos.
  • DC/DC converters.
  • Full education guidance.

With a DIY SelfieBot you may further develop the following things

  • Computer Vision.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Dead Reckoning.
  • Path Planning.
  • Control.
  • And Many More!

A DIY SelfieBot is a leading open – source educational robotics program for beginners and advanced engineers

Our educational robotics program is a powerful hackable high-tech tool for an educator who would like to jump into a cutting edge robotics technology and looks for a partnership with a professional robotics team.

Educate future robotics leaders

We created a DIY SelfieBot educational program in recognition that the future of drones and robotics industry will emerge from classrooms and campus labs across the globe. Our academic partners help us prepare a generation of specialists for a booming new industry. A DIY SelfieBot program is good for K12 schools, STEM centers and also perfectly fits for curious students.

A very affordable and practical teaching tool

For the interested in an affordable (cost –effective) educational tool we offer a special price for the basic kit that is only $95 and contains everything needed to create one’s own personal practical, fully 3D printed robot. With a DIY SelfieBot kit you are able to scale from an individual project to an entire degree program.

Inspiration for your students

If you want to enable your students to build their own practical fully 3D printed robot then the DIY SelfieBot is a perfect classroom tool. Our open-source software and firmware allows students to improve the code and add any additional features. Our open-source 3D printed design inspires designers and enables them to make their own personal SelfieBot.

Endurance invites students to join our robotics startup for an internship program.
DIY SelfieBot us a powerful tool for beginners, intermediate and advanced students who is eager to improve and learn more in robotics.

We open all SelfieBot code sources and schematics for schools, universities, and their students, as well as hobbyists.
We are looking for strong, ambitious, passionate students to join our startup and become part of the Endurance SelfieBot robotics community.
Presenting the DIY Selfiebot, we share the 3D model (STL files), firmware, software with your university for free. Open-source project. Only thing that is needed is electronics. You can buy it yourself or you can order kits from us.

We need software engineers, electronical engineers, tech writers, testers, PR and marketing team and administrators who will take care of our community.
Basic things that SelfieBot does:

  • Rotates a mobile device in 2 axes and tracks a face using Google API and our app.
  • Can be controlled remotely.

You are more than welcome to share all your upgrades and changes with our community.
We will provide a full guidance to help you assemble a SelfieBot of your own.
To share your results use the following resources:

Making one’s own DIY SelfieBot allows to master student’s skills in robotics, to develop their ability to create their own robots based on the SelfieBot’s firmware/software.
Universities and colleges are allowed to use the SelfieBots, assembled by their students, in their non commercial projects.
A SelfieBot is not just a game or toy robot. It is a robot with useful features that can be used on campus. A SelfieBot can become a part of a project task. Students are welcome to upgrade it and make any forks. But they have to put a reference on the Endurance SelfieBot as a basis source. It is distributed under creative commons attribution noncommercial share alike 3.0 license.

Do not miss an opportunity to join a robotics startup on a very early stage.
Make something great with your own hands!
Please send us your CV to and become part of future giant in consumer robotics!

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