How to assemble the telepresencerobot

1. Install the charged batteries in their seats on the platform frame.

2. Feed the MicroUSB wire from the tablet plane through the hole in the body frame.

3. Insert the monopod into the hole of the body frame and into the connecting flange in the center of the platform. Check the upright position of the monopod and tighten the eccentric. posborke1 posborke2 4. Fix the tablet in the monopod holder in the upper part of the monopod and plug in a MicroUSB cable.

5. Push up the monopod to the maximum length of the MicroUSB cable but leave it slack.

6. Connect the tablet plane terminals to the battery (“GROUND” first (black/minus), then “LIVE”  (red/plus). When disconnecting observe the backward sequence: disconnect “LIVE”  (red/plus) first, then “GROUND” (black/minus).

7. Move the body frame down to the platform frame, set it upright and fix to the platform. posborke3 8. Place the speaker onto the body frame behind the monopod (or anywhere you like). Turning on/activation of the operation mode

  1. Turn on the robot by the power switch at the back part of the platform frame.vkluchtele1
  2. Turn on the tablet.
  3. Connect the tablet to WiFi.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth in the settings of the tablet to connect to the speaker.
  5. Power the speaker on.
  6. Run the Linphone app. on the tablet and assign to it your sip address. (Next time logging in will be proceeded automatically).
  7. Run the Linphone app. on the control device with activated Internet.
  8. Open options — parameters — net — settings — transport», flag the line «send DTFM as SIP-information» and save
  9. Make a Linphone call from the control device to Linphone of the robot tablet.
  10. Control the robot movements by pushing the keys with numbers on a real keyboard or a virtual one on the sensor screen. (8 – forward, 2 – backward, 4 – to the left, 6 – to the right).