How to operate the Endurance DIY desktop laser engraving/cutting machine

Endurance DIY engraving cutting machine with 2.1W, 3.5W, 5.6W, 8W, 8.5W, 10W, 10W+, 20W lasers




20X20cm ( 8 x 8 ») medium engraving area. gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation. Adjustable power 445nm 2100mW / 3500 mW / 5600 mW / 8000 mW /  8500 mW/ 10000 mW / 10000 mW+ / 20000 mW violet laser attachment with heatsink, high laser engraving power and ultra — long lifetime. It is ideal for beginners and professional  for laser engraving usage low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions. Just connect an Endurance DIY machine it to the computer and  enjoy image engraving or cutting!


  • Specifications:

Type: Endurance DIY engraving / cutting machine

Laser Power: 2100mW / 3500 mW / 5600 mW / 8000 mW

Laser Wavelength: 445nm(violet blue laser)

Power Supply: DC12V 2 — 5Amps

Engraving Area: 20 X 20cm/8 X 8inch

Engraving Accuracy:0.1mm

Net Weight: 3kg (6.5 pounds)


  • Features:
  1. Software: CNCC Laseraxe
  2. 2100mW/3500mW/5600mW/8000mW laser moule with heatsink can be selected,can work continuously 48 hours
  3. Two pieces 42mm stepper motor power drive, fast moving speed and quiet, can use it in home or office no worry about noise producing
  4. Gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation,just put the laser machine on the items then work,fit for various working places
  5. Low-light positioning function,
  6. Software support laser power adjusting, more laser power type can be adjusted just with this machine
  7. Support greyscale engraving, you can do fantastic picture engraving crafts
  8. 20X20cm medium size engraving area
  • Package Included:

1X Endurance DIY Laseraxe Desktop DIY Laser Engraver

1X Laser Goggles

1X Hex Wrench Set


Guidance and tutorial how to egrave on DIY engraving machine

GRBL controller

Instruction on the Endurance DIY desktop 2100mW (2.1 Watt) and 3500mW (3.5 Watt) diode laser engraving/cutting machine operation The engraving/cutting machine in the box is practically assembled.  Take it out of the box and:


  1. Take off the anchor grips from the movable parts of the machine.
  2. Undo the upper panel of the scheme block and insert the loose wires for the motors into the corresponding X and Y slots.
  3. Install the drivers (link) in the computer. Reset the computer.
  4. Start the downloaded GrblController. Download here.
  5. Then select a Port name (e.g. COM6) from the GrblController dropdown list. 111
  6. Set the Baud rate at 9600. 222
  7. Click «Open».To check the connection push the keys “Up” or “Down”, “Right” or “Left”. The machine should react accordingly. 333
  8. Further, to start engraving click «Choose file» and import the file with *.nc extension into the program.

A sample of test engraving is in the program root folder under the name «».



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