Installation process

IMG_10412 1Here we’ll tell you how to make our telepresence robot work.

Are you ready for a miracle?


1. Check the battery charge. If needed, put the battery to charge. It will take about 4-6 hours.

2. Press the ON button on the robot

3. The sonars start to blink at once. The sonars detect obstacles on the way of movement. Notes will appear on the tablet screen: USB debugging mode, Video camera is on. It means the robot is ready to operate. 3 4.  Turn on WIFI on the tablet. If you don’t have WIFI, use any Internet connection. Our system works only when connected to the Internet. Now the robot is ready to accept calls and move around.

linphone5. Install and run LinPhone program on the device, which you plan to use to control robot (iOS, Android, Windows ). See the details on 46. When registered, you will have an active account … It means you are ready to give and accept calls. 5617. It is necessary to make sure that DTFM signal is transmitted via SIP protocol (these are commands to control the robot). 7 88. To control robot you need to call its address …@sip.linphone.orgcall

9. The robot answers the call automatically. The caller sees the picture of the robot seat at once.

910. To make the robot move you need to use a digital keypad. You’ll find it near the call button. Or you may use numeric buttons of the computer keyboard with Num Lock on.

Control buttons

8 – forward

2 — backward

4 – left

6 — right

7 – left and forward

9- right and forward

1 – left and backward

3 – right and backward

101111. Once the robot has accepted your call you may control it using the numeric buttons of the computer keyboard or a digital keypad of your device. Good luck!

Do you have this wonderful feeling of a miracle when controlling the robot? Contact us to share your emotions. We need comments of our users to make our product better.

Please mind, that debug mode in the developer options should be active on your Andoid tablet. 1213LinPhone program is very sensitive to the quality of the Internet connection.

Please, mind, the present model of the telepresence robot operates with the current version of Android. Don’t upgrade the firmware version of the tablet.

We also warn against active use of the tablet for other purposes to avoid conflicts of apps. We did not test the operation of our system in case of multiple (besides Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts) VoIP programs downloads (installations)

This is an example of a picture you see when driving our telepresence robot. 14