Instructions for TruckBot

1. Turn on the Internet on your phone (version Android 1.5), the tool for viewing the space in front of the robot;

2. On the remote control device (PC), start the preset program RobotsAnywhere console, tabs: Robot — Reverse Connection, specifying the port and IP;

3. On your phone, open the Re1Config (Re2Config) and copy:

#see therobotseverywherewikiforexplanation

#and todownloadthejavaconsole

localport=(assign the value to the port)

server1=(assign the value of a header RobotsAnywhere console (see pic.))

server2=(assign the value of a header RobotsAnywhere console (see pic.))) instr audiobaud=4800






#bluetooth=(assign the value prescribed in the IAP of the device distributing the Internet)












Save and exit;

4. Turn on the TruckBot;

5. Attach the telephone to the front part of the robot for the main camera to observe the field in front of the robot;

6. Insert he audio Jack (3.5 mm) into the audio input of the phone and the microUSB — into the microUSB port; instr2 7. Turn on on your mobile device Navcom instr3 8. Control the robot through the console Robots Anywhere;

9. If the TruckBot is not controlled disconnect the battery, twist the trimmer from 0 to 0.5 V (clockwise – down, counterclockwise – up).



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