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How to create a 3D logo model

To create a 3D model on a 3D printer it is necessary to make a model in SketchUp. Let’s take SketchUpPro 2015 for example. When a SketchUp model is ready, save it as STL file, then convert that file into GCode using Cura, having set the necessary parameters for printing. Load GCode into the 3D-printer using SD card.

Download SketchUp

Video lessons SketchUp

Video Lessons Cura

Download Cura

Before you start, install STLforsketchup plugin to save the model as STL file. To use the tools and rotate the model do not hold the right button of the mouse, just double click. 1. Open SketchUp (the pattern is in mm), choose Tools in the menu ->3Dтext.

2. Enter the text, set up the parameters of the text (change only the length) and place it in the horizontal plane relative to the line.

3. Click “Select” in the toolbar (the icon with an arrow), then double click the text and choose “Offset”.

4. Using “Offset”, outline the inner and outer planes. Before outlining the inner planes (with the help of “Offset”) “Select” them holding the Ctrl key. To make the outline identical everywhere you need to double click one of the selected planes with “Offset”. 5. To make hollow objects use “push/pull” to move the plane between the outlines down to the lower plane until the green point (endpoint) appears

6. To save the model select from the menu file ->ExportSTL

7. Download Cura — Video lessons of Cura — 8. To open the STL model in Cura select from the file menu ‘download the file of the model’ option.

9. Click the model and set the axes X Y Z inside the working area of the printer.

10. Set the required parameters of the printer in the Main and Advanced tabs.

11. Save the model as GCode by selecting the file — ->Gcode.

12. Copy the file to a flash-card and insert it into the printer. 13. Calibrate the axes and print.