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Introducing L-CHEAPO

Introducing L-Cheapo laser

  • L-CHEAPO is a 445 nanometer (nm) diode (solid-state) laser which easily mounts on your 3D printer or CNC mill (router.
  • No additional power supply is necessary, and it will not interfere with normal use of your hardware.
  • You can readily switch from laser to print/mill mode, use your existing software (Slic3r, Skeinforge, etc), and with no tools the laser can be removed in about 2 minutes.
  • L-CHEAPO can cut paper and wood up to 2/5ths of an inch of wood and plywood, and can engrave most non-metallic materials.

Easy to Use and Open Source

No special software or hardware required – not even a power supply! All you need is to mount the laser, create a special extrusion profile on your standard software and get to work.

Low-cost, High-yield

Laser cutting requires a significant initial investment, but opens up a lot of making possibilities — laser-cut parts are tougher than 3D printer parts. With L-CHEAPO, the initial dollar investment goes from thousands to hundreds, and the module requires very little space.

We hope this product will allow high school shop classes, small universities and local hackerspaces to be able to work with a wider variety of materials and techniques without breaking the bank.