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Seals, stamps and facsimile fabrication

«Endurance» company offers its lasers and engravers WanHao and DIY on the basis of diode lasers Endurance L-Cheapo (2.1W and 3.5W). Said lasers have a minimal size of granularity (less than 0.1mm) corresponding to 300 dpi resolution.

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Thus, you can make a cliché for a stamp of a very good quality.

It takes 1-3 hours to fabricate a cliché depending on its sophistication and intricacy and the laser power.

We recommend for seal fabrication soot-containing rubber or special rubber for laser engraving. It is forbidden to use photopolymers for official seals of enterprises. Photopolymer cliché tend to deform in operation and its imprints made at different time vary notably. This causes problems with financial authorities, partners and customers.

No special knowledge needed to use Endurance lasers and engravers for seals fabrication. This is one of our main advantages. Just mount a laser on a 3D printer or a СNС device, load a vector image, transform it into Gcode and set to fabrication of seals, stamps or facsimiles. Together with an engraving machine, you also get a full instruction on how to make seals, stamps and facsimiles using Endurance lasers.

Hurry up to test lasers and engravers of Endurance for seals, stamps and facsimile fabrication!