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Job openings

Endurance hires software and electric engineers.

We need persons who will create with us robots and drones.


  • work experience in robotics
  • microcontrollers Arduino, Propeller, etc. knowledge
  • ability to work with hands and mind from first to last
  • Android (1.5 — 5.1 versions) knowledge
  • Java, Python knowledge
  • CO2 lasers (lasing diodes) knowledge
  • Bluetooth, ADB, WIFI protocols knowledge

Understanding of the modern robotics market.

Motivation to study and deal with robots and drones. Flexibility of thinking and out-of-the-box solutions are welcome!

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Salary is discussed personally. A successful candidate is offered a share in the business. Part time (remote) work is possible during 1-3 months at the beginning.

CV and cover letters send to us:

Endurance hires evangelists

If you like what we do, if you enjoy our videos, if you want to become an Endurance evangelist let us know. Inspired people are very welcome.

We are looking for passionate people

Endurance looks for passionate and high potential employees. We hire software engineers, electrical engineers and evangelists.

Endurance is a joint Russian-American technological startup specializing on drones and robotics. Its headquarters are based in San Francisco and Moscow.

We produce a number of exceptional solutions such as:

  1. Laser cutters (upgrade your 3D printer with a powerful laser cutter)
  2. Telepresence rigs (a new dimension of communication)
  3. Small drones (antbots for gaming)
  4. Big wheel drones (trackbots for commercial and personal use)
  5. Small quadrocopters

Send your CV and cover letter to me: