Laser engraver/cutter for home and office

Endurance introduces its laser engraver/cutter for home and office


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Portable table engravers are going to become as popular as 3D printers.

2100-8000 mW engravers/cutters are wanted in every office and home to:

engrave and cut wood, plywood, acrylic, plastics up to 10 mm thick.


Together with the Endurance laser engraver you get a unique possibility to make sign-boards, plates, awards, congratulatory addresses, souvenirs, etc. for your clients, partners, employees, to engrave all kinds of inscriptions, company logos, firm and trade marks on your production without leaving your office.


Why do you need an engraver at home?

You can engrave for your little child fairy-tale and animated film characters, or letters and numerals to teach him to make up syllables and words, to teach him basics of mathematics long before school. You can engrave your gadgets, wallets, purses and other personal things to make them look original, stylish and really personal. Why do you need an engraver at work?


With the Endurance engraver-cutter you will be able to make personal inscriptions on pens, notepads, wallets, gadgets, awards, and other items without going to engraving specialists. Engraving of a plate 15х15 cm in size costs about 20– 30$  + shipping costs and waiting time. Save time and money.

With the Endurance engraver-cutter

it is enough to:

1. connect it to the PC,

2. choose a ready engraving model or create a model of your own,

3. put an item for engraving on the working table,

4. put on protective goggles,

5. start engraving.


A congratulatory inscription on a plate 10х10 cm (4×4») in size will take just 5-15 minutes; engraving of an image on a plate of wood (plywood, acrylic) 15х15 cm (6×6») in size will take 15-30 minutes.

With the Endurance engraver-cutter you will not need to go to special engraving workshops or agencies.

With the Endurance engraver-cutter you’ll be able to engrave and cut materials yourself.

The Endurance engraver-cutter is as easy in use as MS Word or MS Excel. To operate it you will not need any special knowledge or abilities. But you need to observe the safety rules.

Please mind

To work with the laser in an isolated room to avoid doing harm to other people. Endurance engravers are equipped with powerful diode lasers with 445 nm wave length. Its visible dark blue light is dangerous for vision. Work ALWAYS in safety goggles to protect your eyes.

You need a well ventilated room to engrave or cut chemically active materials (e.g. PVC), because under the influence of high temperature poisonous gases release from chemically active materials. We recommend using plywood or wood as engraving materials.

Now Endurance company sales engravers with working tables from 17х17 (6×6»)cm to 31х39 cm (12×16») in size and laser output from 300 mW to 8000 mW.


Why the Endurance laser engraver?

Commercially available Chinese analogues use CO2 lasers. Their price on AliExpress starts at $500 – 600 + shipping costs.



Endurance makes laser engravers to order.

Contact us and we’ll offer you a laser engraver with optimal parameters for your needs.

Engraving has never been so easy and pleasant.





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