DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.

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The Endurance team has recently discovered that schools, colleges and professors have a lack of tools to educate and demonstrate real practical robotics in their classroom. Most robotics is gaming and toy play and have very limited real use case applications. Ultimately, Endurance wants to bring something useful and practical which will enable educators, students, researchers, doctors and patients, and other individuals in the community to communicate effectively.

Participants of the Endurance’s DIY SelfieBot program can make a fully operational 3D SelfieBot. Currently, Endurance is offering a pilot program to accredited colleges and schools that will benefit from the following:

  • Updates about the DIY SelfieBot program
  • Technical and customer support
  • Skype, Hangouts video consultation
  • Access to other Endurance technologies
  • Discount for Endurance laser products

Plans for further development will be announced later.

What is Endurance SelfieBot?

First of all it is a robot that is done by yourself. Second it is a portable telepresence system (robot). You can attach any mobile gadget on top of it and conduct video calls hands free. Another advantage is its recording and broadcasting capability. With the added advantage of loading a mobile device on a SelfieBot cradle, it will follow you through its tracking capability and allows for swivel and rotation while you speak.

The good thing is that the tracking (follow me) mechanism is built using Google API. So it transforms your mobile device into a smart robot.

DIY SelfieBot educational robot is a great instrument for any student or hobbyists.

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