Every robot of the Endurance robots company requires a stable high capacity Internet connection channel (WiFi, 3G, 4G with 5 Mbps or more)

You need the following kit and settings:

1. An Endurance platform frame with electric motor drives, calibration plane, sonars (if needed), connecting flange for the monopod. 1 2. An Endurance body frame (we have in stock a PVC body frame, a black one with red stripes from  an AVToys set and a body frame for kids in the shape of a panda on a lawn from an AVToys set). 2 3. A charged 12 V led-acid battery (for the AVToys body frames you need two batteries placed symmetrically to ensure equilibrium stability). 3 4. A monopod with a holder for a mobile device. 4 5. An Android 4.1.2 (e.g. Asus Nexus 7) tablet for the robot with the pre-set Linphone app. with a  registered account (for connection and control); In the Linphone settings on the tablet you need to:

  • enable video;
  • enable auto accept video;
  • enable all audio codecs;
  • set video resolution to QVGA;
  • enable SIP INFO DTMFs.

5 6. A smartphone with installed and registered Periscope (or the like, e.g. LiveInFive, UStream) for online broadcasting.

7. A charged speaker connected to the tablet via Bluetooth for better audio signal.

8. A device (tablet/smartphone/laptop/PC) with the installed Linphone app. and registered account.