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Our previous achievements

foto A year ago, L-Cheapo was developed to provide an open-hardware solution to laser cutting. The L-Cheapo Mark 1 hit 300% of its crowdfunding goal and was delivered faster than most crowdfunded projects in the same category.

link:  . Mark 1 looks very different since it was our first version.

Earlier this year we have made new models of the Endurance L-Cheapo. The actual board revision is 2.4 (Mark 2 and Mark 3 use the same board: Mark 3 has more resistors, a bigger diode, and a bigger transistor, but the same PCB, and a refined design allowing to turn most of 3D printers into a hybrid tool that can not only engrave but also cut wood, plastic and leather.

We introduce the Endurance L-Cheapo Mark 3. It fits in the same footprint as Mark 2, looks suspiciously like Mark 2, and is wired in the exactly the same way as Mark 2…

This is not about the same product in a smaller case for a higher price. Mark 3 outputs 70% more photons than its predecessor, resulting in fewer passes needed and deeper cuts. With its 3.5 Watt continuous optical output, it’s the strongest solid-state cutting laser kit currently available.