DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.



ModelPictureQuantityBasic KitComplete Kit
USB Nano V3.0 ATmega328 16M 5V Micro-controller CH340G board For Arduino111ХХ
Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module HC-06 Slave for Arduino DH221ХХ
A1) Main DC-DC Converter.
LM2596 Step Down Module DC-DC Buck Converter Power Supply Output 1.3V-35V
A2) Alternative DC-DC Converter.
Mini Adjustable DC-DC Converter Step down Power Supply Module 3A LM2596
MG996R Torque Digital All Metal Gear Servo for Helicopter Car Boat Model BE442ХХ
Fuse pin, H630PT, 1 A, 250 V881ХХ
Resistor, 0.5 Wt, 100 OHM883ХХ
CONN JUMPER SHORTING, 2.54х8.5mm, 2 contacts881ХХ
Power jack on the board, 2.1mm, 16V/1.5A881ХХ
AC Adapter Power Supply DC12V 1-2 A, plug 5.5х2.1991ХХ
A1) Prototyping Experimental 400 Contact Holes Solderless Breadboard Test Plate102ХХ
A2) Alternative Prototyping PCB Universal Board 70х90
Double-Sided Glass Fiber Prototyping PCB Universal Board
10pcs 1x 40Pin 40p Male IC Single Row Flat Header Socket 2.54mm PLS-40 Panel111ХХ
Hot Flexible 16AWG ~30AWG Stranded UL1007 Wire Cable Cord Hook-up DIY Electrical121ХХ


ModelPictureQuantityBasic KitComplete Kit
A1) Plastic mobile device cradle/holder (BY DEFAULT)111Х
A2) Magnet mobile device cradle/holder (ALTERNATIVE)111Х
3D Printer Filament USA 1.75mm ABS PLA 1KG / 2.2LB111
screwnuts 3 mm
diameter, 26 pcs. screwnuts 4 mm diameter,7 pcs.
phillips countersunk head screws, 3 mm diameter:
10 mm — 8 pcs.
16 mm — 8 pcs.
phillips round head screws, 3 mm diameter:
8 mm — 2 pcs.
16 mm — 6 pcs.
20 mm — 10 pcs.
phillips countersunk head screws, 4 mm diameter:
25 mm — 6 pcs.


ModelPictureQuantityBasic KitComplete Kit
Crosshead screwdriver111Х
Metal Long Needle Nose Plier Side Cutter Puzzle Modeling Precision Cutting111Х

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