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More about laser

Laser fabrication

What software to use for the work with the laser?

Use Pronterface for best results. Or use the same software as your own printer — just set Z scale to -1 and infill to 0. All printing software has these settings.

Average speed of cutting:

Paper 20mm/sec
Wood 2mm/sec
Plexiglas 3mm/sec
Cardboard 10mm/sec
Hardboard 1mm/sec
Balsa 5mm/sec

How to install the laser?

Mount it on top of your extruder, and connect it to the extruder heater!

How to fix the laser:

Our laser was tested and mounted onto the following models;

  • Solidoodle (2-3-4)
  • Mendel
  • Mondo
  • Pruisa Rigidbot
  • Shapeoko CNC
  • Handibot CNC
  • 8200 model from Jameco
  • All RAMPS compatible printers
  • All Monoprice printers

In general, any 3D printer that uses an Arduino or compatible and any 3-axis CNC machine.

Our laser is compatible with all 3D-printers, which we have tested, but Cubify. In January Endurance modified the construction a little.

The ventilator axis is not parallel but perpendicular to the laser axis.

What is the difference between a СО2 laser and a diode laser?

CO2 is more powerful. This is the main advantage. However:

CO2 is harder to set up (laser cannot be moved — mirrors must be used- they can go out of alignment);

CO2 cannot be carried around (see the problem above);

CO2 requires buying

CO2 continually, as there is always some leakage;

CO2 requires compressed air for cooling;

CO2 is subject to export restrictions in most countries;

CO2 is very delicate (lots of glass apparatus) and may be damaged during shipping.