DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.

Press about us

3ders“While Endurance remains focused on marketing the 3D printed robot as a consumer product, it has now introduced a second objective to its operations: encouraging student interest in the 3D printing, robotics, and programming behind the SelfieBot, with the ultimate aim of building a SelfieBot developer community.” —


DamnGeeky“a Russian-American start up ‘Endurance’ has developed 3D printable DIY SelfiBot that enables users to create professional video recording of them with a mobile device. It sounds good for users looking forward to Skype video conferencing, video logs, lecture recordings et” —
3Dpi“George Fomitchev wants students to have better access to more advanced tools in order to make their own robotics, and it is hard to find practical open source code that can be done on a 3D printer. He wants to bring consumer robots to our daily life.” —
3Dpi“Endurance claims that they want to help young people especially students to jump into robotics” —
3Dpi“Endurance now offers a FREE SelfieBot to all educational institutions for use with non-commercial applications. Endurance provides free open source code of the SelfieBot for any school or university.” —

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