DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.

Recommended improvements

Improve your SelfieBot with us

We share our plans on the official DIY SelfieBot page and in our communities in social media.

Endurance offers an education program that will keep students busy and will encourage them to make upgrades of the basic DIY SelfieBot robot.

For example, to replace servos with stepper motors or add movement sensors to reduce noise.

  • to hook up a soldering iron to 110 V
  • to correctly hold a soldering iron in hands
  • to solder
  • to correctly hold a screwdriver
  • to tighten M3 nuts.

Here’s a list of systems to be upgraded:

  • IOS / Windows support
  • Infrared tracking system
  • Wireless charging
  • Additional external battery bank
  • Motion sensoring
  • Voice control systems

Endurance is ready to support students and instructors. All questions will be promptly responded.

The DIY SelfieBot program will pave the way for students to develop real and practical robotics applications. Endurance invites schools and universities to join the DIY SelfieBot program and invites students to participate in summer internship programs.

Familiarizing with the software app., created on the basis of the OS Android platform. Acquisition of skills of individual application development.

Familiarizing with the protocol of interaction between OS Android and Arduino Integrated development environment (IDE).

Skills and Knowledge (programming and schematics) acquired while working with the Selfiebot Base

  • getting to know the operation of the device electrical circuit;
  • familiarizing with the components;
  • partial or complete manufacturing or assembly of a baseboard unit of the device;
  • getting to know the Arduino Nano platform
  • getting to know the Arduino IDE Software
  • getting to know the work of the microcontroller program
  • one-way linking with the device via the Bluetooth module
  • getting to know the UART protocol
  • getting to know the servo-drives, their work and management principles;
  • development of Arduino Nano microcontroller programming skills
  • getting an idea of the device and acquisition of the device manufacturing and debugging skills;
  • acquisition and development of skills in using the software to control the device.

Skills and knowledge development using the Selfiebot Base

  • two-way linking with the device — for example, return of the servomotors current positions data at the query command;
  • configuring of the device mode display — for example, by combining an RGB-LED with a common anode;
  • configuring of the direct device hardware control — for example, the button connection;
  • microcontroller reliability improvement (MC reflashing, watchdog use skills development);
  • substitution of servos for stepper motors – getting to know stepper motors and their drivers, their operation and management principles;
  • getting an idea of the port expander PCF8574, acquisition of its use experience, for example, LEDs and buttons connection through the port expander;
  • getting to know the principles of the powerful load management through the example of the MOSFET use for the servo power management;
  • getting to know the motion sensor and its use experience, for example, energy management by way of the servo power cut.

Skills and knowledge in 3D modeling

  • Learn more about the difference between plastic filaments, used for 3D printers
  • Learn how to work with Cura and Repetier Host slicers software
  • Learn how to setup 3D printer
  • Improve skills in assembling mechanical parts

Skills and knowledge in programming

  • Learn how to improve code for an Android app on Java and Python
  • Learn how to program for iOS
  • Solve camera split case (be available to use camera for tracking and for video recording or streaming)
  • Make an app stable for Android 6.x version
  • Program additional modes like smother rotation
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