A Robot-receptionist for registration at conferences, exhibitions, and other events

Registration of guests and participants





For a host:

  1. Make a list of guests in Excel. Upload it into Google Docs.
  2. Tell you guests the chatbot address: Web, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook.
  3. Get the information about the users’ registration in the base via email/texting.

For a guest:

  1. When you are at the place of the event enter your name or pin___ to get registered.
  2. Get your badge.
  3. If you do not have an account on Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, Slack, use a SelfieBot for registration.


Additional possibilities:

  1. Information upgrades about the exhibitions/conference in the chatbot.
  2. Special information about VIP guests arrival.
  3. A general chat for the participants of the conference/exhibition.
  4. Badge printing after the guest’s registration.
  5. Checking out time registration.


  1. Savings for the personnel responsible for guests’/visitors’ registration.

  2. Self registration.

  3. No need to load additional applications.

  4. Online visitors’ registration.

Operation and basic settings:

Host’s registration

  1. Manager’s name
  2. Hosts personal PIN (hxxxxx)
  3. LOGO
  4. Event date
  5. Event time
  6. Place of the event
  7. Name of the person in charge
  8. Guests’ database (link)
  9. Welcome phrases (before and after the registration)
  10. Links to the program events
  11. Email for informing (incl. urgent questions)
  12. Link to the map
  13. Additional data

Guests’ registration

  1. Registration by the name or pin
  2. Badge issuing (printing).