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SelfieBot for educational purposes

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There is no doubt that the Endurance SelfieBot will become a most in-demand device in the educational industry.

Teachers at schools and professors at universities are short of user-friendly tools for video recording. There are available pretty decent HD cameras to record lectures but they can’t keep a lecturer in focus if he/she changes position moving aside to show something on a blackboard or big screen. In this case he/she needs somebody to rotate the camera and do zoom in.

Another issue is making a live stream (livecast) of a lecture on YouTube, Periscope or any   other site. You can say that it is not a big deal. Just sit still in front of the camera on your laptop or mobile device. But then you can’t show anything else but your screen. Sometimes you need more than that.

What if a student is unable to attend classes due to different reasons: illness or some urgent matter needing his/her attention? It’s a problem to catch up with the class if you miss something important. Nobody will record a video of the missed class for you. Even if they do it will not solve the problem. Endurance can help.

The company makes a hardware gadget turning smart phones and tablets into powerful devices with stationary telepresence abilities for video recording and live streaming.

This gadget is called SelfieBot. It  has a face tracking mechanism enabling to always keep a person in focus while recording his/her performance.

The SelfieBot has a simple holder for small cameras of the GoPro type mounting to record video and do livecasts.

GoPro has its own WiFi network allowing you to get an access to a video that is being recorded. The SelfieBot as a stationary telepresence system allows a student to get a remote access to the class and attend it online.

The SelfieBot app allows to operate (rotate in 2 axes) even while running an any video messanger, like Skype: Viber, Google Hangout, etc.

The rotation mechanism turning the smart phone or tablet gives you an unforgettable feeling of virtual telepresence. We believe that the SelfieBot, at the price of 195 USD, is a great solution for the educational industry.

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