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SelfieBot passport

SelfieBot — is a desktop rotary electronic device with two degrees of freedom, designed for remote video calls over the Internet with the imitation of rotation of the head, for selfie-video for use as a video babysitting for video time-lapse.

Safety requirements:

  1. Before the operation should be familiar with the operational documentation. To operate the Security Council should:
  2. Constant power (9 / 12V depending on the version SB) or charged battery (2 pcs at 3.4V).
  3. Charged smartphone / tablet with Droid app (download site): Os Android version 4.2.2 and higher, Bluetooth, to connect to the Internet.
  4. Stable link the Internet with high bandwidth (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G from 5 Mbps).

Main technical data SB:

  1. The angles of rotation in the horizontal plane, from -90 to 135 degrees.
  2. The angles of rotation in the vertical plane, from -30 to 90 degrees (the threshold values depend on the holder and smartphone / tablet size).
  3. in the «demo» mode operation time (continuous rotation, the weight of the payload 150 g): 5h.
  4. Possible dimensions of the smartphone / tablet: from 5 to 10 inches. Recommended 7 inches.
  5. The construction of the body material: plastic.
  6. Transfer of rotation commands are on Via Bluetooth.

Modes of operation Council. Are selected in the software Droid:

  1. Remote control of rotation via the Internet.
  2. Demo. Continuous rotation to the rotation angles of the threshold values.
  3. Center the person in the field of vision of the smartphone / tablet front camera.
  4. Analysis of movement in the field of vision of the smartphone / tablet front camera.

Operation, transportation, storage:

  1. The device is intended for use indoors or outdoors under a canopy in the temperature range of 0 to +55 degrees.
  2. Due to the presence of plastic parts transportation must be carried out carefully.
  3. Storage is possible at ambient temperatures from -50 to +70 degrees.

Assembly instructions:

  1. Install battery or plug into the DC supply to the Security Council.
  2. Fix the holder of a smartphone / tablet until it clicks.
  3. Set a smartphone / tablet in the holder and fasten until it clicks.

Enable / activation of the operating mode.

  1. Turn the setting by pressing the power button on it;
  2. Activate the work of the Internet and Bluetooth on the smartphone / tablet;
  3. Start on your smartphone / tablet app Droid;
  4. Press in Annex Droid «Connect to holder». When you first connect the Bluetooth will request the PIN code. Enter 1234;
  5. After the inscription in the upper left corner of the «Holder is connected», to run on a smartphone / tablet desired messenger (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp ..);
  6. When you connect to the robot from a remote Android device, it also launches Droid app and press the button «Connect to robot», and then on the touch screen will be 4 translucent robot rotation control arrow buttons. Then, to set the video starts messenger and video call is made on the account running on your smartphone / tablet robot;
  7. In the event that management will be carried out not with Android, and with a Windows device, it is enough to go to the browser, verify that the input device ID (987654321) and click «Connect «and then you can control the movements of the robot button below the direction of rotation.

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Special disclaimer:

Endurance SelfieBot is sold «as is» and no refunds are available. However, we will immediately process replacements for defective units.

SelfieBot is fully 3D printed and we continually strive to improve our design, so there may be slight cosmetic differences between the product image and the final product.