Special deal for photographers

Endurance offers 10% price discount on a laser engraver/cutter accessory for 3D printers and CNC devices. Use promo code: «photo»



The doorbuster is valid only for photographers and food-bloggers. If you install the Endurance laser engraver/cutter on your 3D printer or CNC miller you’ll be able to cut and engrave any surfaces but metallic, ceramic or transparent. An engraved text or image will help you accentuate your personality, add charm and intrigue to your photos or videos.


The Endurance engraver/cutter easily cuts and engraves wood, plywood, acrylic, leather.

You can buy either a ready-to-use laser engraver or just a laser to be installed on your 3D printer or CNC device (if you are an advanced user). With it, you’ll be able to easily and quickly engrave materials and to become a really unique master.

Our laser engraver is very easy to use.



Be quick to embrace the offer.  Worldwide shipping. Endurance specialists will not just deliver the device but also install it and explain how to use the laser and the engraving table. We arrange Skype videoconferences for customers outside Moscow in case they have problems with the use of the laser engraver or laser installation if they bought it separately.


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