Table of materials for cutting and engraving

MaterialThickness (mm)Laser (power)Engraving (yes/no)Cutting (yes/no)Notes
Made by Endurance
Plywood12.1 WYesYesFor cutting many passes needed
Plywood (5 layers)22.1 WYesYesFor cutting many passes needed
Plywood (3 layers)32.1 WYes YesFor cutting many passes needed
Plywood3,52.1 WYes
Transparent acrylic32.1 WYesNoBacking board needed
Non transparent acrylic35 WYesYes
Cardboard12.1 WYesYesSeveral passes needed
Denim22.1 WYesHigh speed needed (500)
Leather22.1 WYesHigh speed needed (500)
Leather belt inside42.1 WYesHigh speed needed (500)
Laser rubber2,3 2.1 W Yes
Plastic FlexiColor (Rowmark)0,5 2.1 W YesYes4 passes needed for cutting
Made by Darky Labs
Non transparent acrylic 33 WYesNo
Tinted acrylic 33 WYesNo
Anodized aluminium —3 WYesNo
Brown cardboard 0,453 WYesYes
Brown cardboard 23 WYesYes
Double-sided corrugated board 33 WYesYes
Fabric — cotton 0,273 WYesNo
Fabric (Tyvek) —3 WNoYes
High-density foam — LD45103 WYesYes
Vegetable leather3,503 WYesNo
Vegetable leather13 WYesYes
Vegetable leather2,53 WYesNo
Glossy paper230 gsm3 WYes
Photocopying paper80 gsm3 WYesYes
Paper cards230 gsm3 WYesYes
Mat surface polyester —3 WNo
Black synthetical rubber 33 WYesNo
Wood — balsa (of middle density) 1,53 WYesYes
Wood — balsa (of low density) 53 WYesYes
Wood  — birch 3 layers 1,53 WYesYes
Wood — mapple 23 WYesNo
Wood MDF 33 WYesYes
Wood — poplar laminated (3 layers) 33 WYesYes

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