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Technical features

Tech features

  • Working Voltage: DC 12V;
  • Laser Output Power: 2100mW / 3500mW / 5600 mW / 8000 mW;
  • Engraving and cutting accuracy: 0.1mm;
  • Engraving and cutting area: 17 x 20cm / 6.69″ x 7.87″(max.);
  • USB interface;
  • Adjustable laser power and engraving/cutting time;
  • Engraving in Grayscale: available.
  • Free positioning of the workpiece within engraving and cutting area.




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The Endurance DIY desktop 2100mW (2.1 Watt), 3500mW (3.5 Watt), 5600(5.6 Watt), 8000(8 Watt), 8500 (8.5 Watt), 10000 (10 Watt) diode laser engraving/cutting machine is ideal for beginners and advanced users of  laser engraving.


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