Tech features and advantages

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Tech features and advantages of Endurance lasers

5.6W Endurance Makeblock engraving and cutting machine

Tech features and advantages of Endurance lasers

8W Endurance DIY engraving and cutting machine

Endurance Makeblock engraving machine is a necessary solution for those who need a big coordinate table 31×39 cm (12×16») with the functions of a plotter and laser cutter/engraver.

  • An excellent solution for home and office.
  • It has a big work area 31×39 cm (12×16»).
  • A practical software – Benbox.
  • An excellent solution for marking and making souvenirs.
  • It works with vector and raster images and G-code.
  • Endurance DIY is a universal solution both for home and small enterprises usage, such as souvenirs engraving and stamps making.

  • An expensive and practical solution for home, office and small workshop.
  • It is a compact table laser engraver with the work area of 20×20 cm (8×8»).
  • It has a great set of software: GRBL, CNCC LaseAxe, Benbox, mDraw.
  • It is easy to operate and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.
  • It cuts and engraves practically any materials.

  • Tech features and advantages of Endurance lasers
    Tech features and advantages of Endurance lasers

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    About tech features of Endurance lasers

    A portable high performance tool for cutting and engraving of non-metallic and non-transparent surfaces. Cheaper than its analogues. Useful for those who build models and engrave different but metallic and transparent surfaces.

    Laser TypeDiode (solid-state) – No export restrictions
    Laser Output2100mW / 3500 mW / 5600 mW / 8000 mW ± 15%
    Focal length2-10cm (1-4»)
    Laser wavelength445nm
    Lens TypeCrystal glass
    Operation timeTested 48 hours continuous
    Voltage9-16V DC
    Amperage2100mW 1-2 Amps

    3500 mW 2-3 Amps

    5600 mW 3-4 Amps

    8000 mW 4-5 Amps


    • Very efficient – 40%.
    • Highly reliable.
    • Multi functional.
    • Easy to install.
    • The Endurance laser can operate on a continuous wave for up to 48 hours nonstop.
    • Focal length can be adjusted.


    How does diode laser look like inside




    3D models of Endurance L-Cheapo laser



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