Guidelines for connecting solid-state lasers with the capacity up to 10 watts to CNC devices (DIY, 3D printers, etc.)


Full overview about Endurance lasers and engraving machines

  1. Before using lasers read the «Safety procedures for laser operating»!

  2. Check the number of wires coming out of the laser body. If there are two wires, the laser will turn on immediately after voltage application to these wires. If there are three wires, for the laser activation it is necessary to additionally energize (~ 10V) the third wire (PWM, TTL_S) as well.

  3. Solid-state lasers usually need 12V. Find the 12V output on your CNC device to connect the laser or use an external source of power (a power block, a battery). On 3D printers there are FAN and HOTEND outputs to connect a laser.

  4. Make sure that all the wires feeding the laser are intended for the maximum electric current strength in the wires (you can use the American Wire Gauge system to do so). We recommend the following correspondences:

4-5A for a 8 W laser

3-4А for a 5.6 W laser;

2-3А for a 3.5 W laser;

1-2А for a 2.1 W laser;

If the circuit board of your CNC device does not have the current output necessary for the laser operation, use an external power source, handling the power supply with the Endurance MO1 Scheme.

  1. To immediately prevent emergency situations it is desirable to install a red button for the operator to kill power to the laser. For example, this button is pre-installed on the Laser Axe circuit board.

  2. Types of software to manage CNC motors and power or signal application to the laser:

    1. Programs to convert images to GCode-files to use a 3D-printer: InkScape, Cura.

    2. GRBL.

    3. BenBox.

    4. AS-3, AS-4.

    5. Laser Axe CNCC.

    6. Software for NEJE.

  1. FAQ

    1. If there’s no laser beam, check all the connections and buttons.

    2. If the laser beam blinks periodically, measure the current in the laser feed circuit. Is the current strength sufficient to operate the laser?

    3. If the wires of the laser power supply are hot when you touch them, replace them with the wires rated for the laser current.






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