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Install and connect the laser to a WanhaoDuplicatori3

How to install and connect the laser to a Wanhao Duplicator i3 printer

Installation guidance

  1. You will need a screwdriver Т-8 or a hex key, 2 additional wires 1 meter 70 cm in length and a terminal block PA12-3A-4 mm U-Type. 1-1 1-2
  2. Connect the laser wires to one side of the contact terminal and the additional ones – to the other side of the terminal. 2
  3. Disconnect the fan and mount the laser. 3-1 3-2
  4. Undo the upper part of the control block box. 4
  5. Pull out the Fan cable connector. 5
  6. Disconnect the fan cables off the Fan cable connector, connect the additional wires to the connector and fit the connector into the slot.
  7. Put back the upper part of the control block box and fasten it.

If you have any issues about connecting your laser to your CNC machine or 3D printer email us: and we will be happy to asssist you!