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Engraving machine — Endurance WanHao


To engrave on acrylic, plywood, cardboard, wood or leather is as easy as to print a text or picture with a printer.

Engrave whatever you want, on any surface but ceramic, using a laser engraver comprising of a 3D printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 and an Endurance laser made by the Endurance company.

With an Endurance mini laser engraver, you can easily engrave at home bringing joy to your family and friends. Engrave a picture for your kid on a piece of plywood or cardboard. Engrave a purse for your wife or a favorite gadget for yourself.


You can use our engraver at home or in the office.

A 3D printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 in combination with an Endurance  laser is an ideal engraver for non-metallic surfaces. You can create an image or an inscription by yourself, at that.

The engraving working table is 170Х170mm (7×7») in size.


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