DIY SelfieBot
Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!
Robot for beginners, intermediate and high education.
Affordable – 95$ only
Programmable – Arduino based.
Compatible with other – Can be used in a combination with other robots
Easy to operate– Remote control, Follow me (tracking function), demo mode.

What is a SelfieBot

  • Gaming accessory — mount your mobile phone and have maps, tutorials and youtube gamer videos accessible while you play
  • Study assistant — display articles and videos to make writing or typing up your work quicker and easier
  • Artists’ muse — have pictures and inspiration right where you need them to make painting and drawing a better experience
  • Robo-mirror — spend time getting ready infront of a selfie-mirror that adjusts itself for you
  • Study sessions — easily join in on group chat with your friends from home whilst working on group projects and homework sessions


First fully 3D printed DIY SelfieBot: practical mobile driven robot.

  • A robot that you made yourself.
  • Practical open-source tool to learn and improve your skills in robotics.
  • Movable holder of your cell phone or a tablet: rotates, follows you.


  • Follows you while you speak and do video calls
  • Rotates after you when you do live streaming in periscope or youtube
  • Can be controlled remotely while talking to someone skype, viber, hangouts or facetime

DIY SelfieBot consists of:

  • STL sketch for 3D printer
  • Firmware for Arduino
  • Android app
  • Electronics and parts (that you can buy yourself or buy DIY SelfieBot Kit: basic, complete)

A programmable robotic kit DIY SelfieBot is a simple way to learn the way to program and create your own robot. One can do this by themselves after buying the kit or buying parts themselves. A robot kit will aid students in working with hardware, firmware, learn how to read am improve schematics that is real so that they can be ready for the problems that will be experienced in real robotics field.

Our DIY SelfieBot kit in for education is the best tool that can be improved and it allows one to learn programming, electronics, firmware, schematics. This robot is handled by Bluetooth module. If you are not a student but you have a child and with to enhance him in Science, Technology, Engineering as well as Mathematical educational abilities then this robot is the best fit for you.

DIY SelfieBot robotics kit is a cutting-edge products available on the market. It’s clear that progress in robotics has changed kids’ toys and makes it easier for kids to learn about programming and robotics. But DIY SelfieBot is not a toy – it is a practical fully 3D printed robot Arduino based robot.

DIY SelfieBot robot kit is a great for STEM, Scouting badges, gifts, or just for robot building fun.
Endurance believes that DIY SelfieBot mobile driven robot is good for beginners, intermediate level students and pupils and very advanced and skilled people.
SelfieBot is not just programmable kit, in basic and complete version you would have to do soldering and learn how to make a PCB or breadboard.

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