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Where and when telepresence robot is helpful?

In this article we’d like to present real situations when the telepresence robot will be useful.

First of all, it might be good for unexpected inspections and control of manufacture processes and work activities almost in any sphere. If you are in charge of a number of offices, shops, points of trade, etc., situated in different locations, which you need to inspect, how long will it take you to visit all of them? How long will it take you to go from one spot to another? How many spots will you be able to inspect during one day? Two, three? Four, at most. With the telepresence system at every spot you can visit all of them! And almost at a time.

The telepresence robot will gain popularity among big bosses, we are sure, who like to come unexpectedly to the office and command around. Sometimes it’s a very effective measure to motivate the neglectful. The telepresence robot will help bosses of small and medium enterprises to better stimulate their employees.

The telepresence robot might be very helpful for merchandisers in big chain stores. For instance, to check on-shelf availability. In warehouses as well. With the telepresence robot, one can check the inventory amount on hand via driving the robot across the warehouse to any place one needs. By clicking buttons, you will be able to observe every corner, every shelf.

Who else might get interested in the telepresence robot? Salesmen, pitchmen. Let’s imagine. A salesman is trying to convince a customer to buy his product and is about to achieve success, when an unexpected question arises, to which he does not know the answer. He needs an instant consultation with a manufacturer or a knowledgeable consultant. He calls the office using the telepresence system and solves the problem online. Do you think it will impress the customer? Sure thing, it will. And the deal will be done.

In big car dealer and car service centers. To show the client around while he/she remains comfortably sitting and talking with the manager. There’s also a great option for a general director or chief manager of the car centre to virtually accompany their VIP client in the tour around the showroom and to personally answer their clients’ questions.

In hospitals and clinics. It’s a sad thing to speak or think about. But we are all in God’s hands. The telepresence robot might help you stay at the bedside of your beloved when it is not possible for you to be present there in flesh and blood.

The telepresence robot is a good thing to communicate with your relatives who are far from the place where you are. It’s a great device to see the place where they live, to have a virtual walk with them.

The telepresence robot will be especially valuable for you if you have aged people at home. A phone is not always helpful. Many of you know the feeling when you call home and nobody answers, though they should be at home. With the telepresence robot, you will easily check if everything is fine at home. Just call the robot, drive it and say hello to your dear. With the telepresence, robot your dear ones will never feel abandoned.

The telepresence robot might be also extremely supportive at home if you need an urgent doctor’s consultation before an ambulance arrives. If your online consultant sees the patient, he/she will not ask unnecessary questions about the patients’ looks; he/she will be able to give better advice to ease the patient’s condition. You know, there are situations when every minute matters.

Parents will also find the telepresence robot helpful. Especially, when they are away and miss their little ones. It’s a good means of communication when you are away but want to be with your family. The telepresence robot will give you an opportunity to see your kid on a playground, in the garden, at the table or in bed when the kid is sleeping.

The telepresence robot is a necessary thing at home if you have a housekeeper, cook or nurse in your household and need to control them now and then. Unfortunately, nurses are not always nice with persons under their care. The telepresence robot will help to manage them.

The telepresence robot will be a very helpful device for technical support services. It may help find what is wrong with this or that hardware. It will help an engineer or technician check the equipment without coming to the place, and give a customer advice how to fix the problem. It will spare time and money of service centers and customers, especially in remote places.

The telepresence robot will be much-in-demand at various exhibitions and conferences. There are always people who would like to participate in this or that event but have no opportunity to do so. The telepresence robot will give them this opportunity. We are sure it will gain popularity among busy people and disabled persons. It’s an easy way to establish a teleconference bridge with distant places.

Have you ever imagined a waiter-robot? A real waiter can stay in the kitchen and collect clients’ orders via the telepresence robot. It will take no time to pass the orders to the cook. When the order is ready the same robot can deliver the plates to the clients.

Clients can also use the telepresence robot to make calls. There’s one more interesting option to use the telepresence robot. The robot will make it possible to have meals together with people who are unable to join you personally. They may have dinner at home or somewhere else and still be virtually present at the venue where you are, participate in the table conversation and enjoy your company.

Today many people rent or rent out homes. Telepresence robots at places to rent will make it easier to find the place of your dream. They will spare potential tenants efforts and time. Driving the robot in the house you would like to rent or buy, you won’t miss any important details, and you will see yourself what it looks like. Virtual tours, which accompany pictures of accommodations for rent or sale, are too often just a slideshow, and do not always reflect real things.

Home improvement and construction are, perhaps, the best examples of the telepresence robot application. 99% of people have ever faced the issue and know how important it is to check the quality of works and survey the process. The telepresence robot is a great solution of the problem. Just bring it to the construction site and leave to survey the process. Just call it whenever you want to see how well the work is progressing and you will see if the workers do everything the way you want it to be done. Do they work or just idle around?

The telepresence robot will help people to virtually attend classes and get education if they are unable to personally attend classes because of their distant residence or disability. When people plan their oncoming vacation they often face a dilemma: what place, hotel, beach to choose. One has to rely on a tour agency, recommendations of other people, pictures on the Internet or official sites of cities and hotels. With the telepresence system, you could solve the dilemma via just clicking a button. Just call the telepresence system and you are there: at a hotel, at the lake, on the beach, in the mountains. Could you do so before? No. The telepresence system makes it possible for you. It will help you make a good decision. It is easy with ski resorts. They are equipped with web-cameras. You can always check if there’s snow and what slopes are open. With beaches, the situation is different. How can you check the weather on the sea? Are there waves and wind? Or is the sea calm? The telepresence system will help you visit a selected place before you book tickets and rooms.

The Endurance company is pretty sure that the telepresence system is a new way of communication and virtual tours, long-awaited by many. If you want to know more, join us! Future is the world of Endurance!