Who needs SelfieBot?

Video Bloggers

Take your own pictures using your phone/tablet/GoPro camera. The “follow me” function will rotate the camera and record your video even if you move around or walk.

Parents with little kids

Transform your phone/tablet into a user-friendly baby video monitor. Now your phone/tablet is a very useful baby video monitor with the night vision mode and “follow me” function.

Busy Moms and Dads

You are very busy and are often away from home but you want to see how your kid is doing. Call your SelfieBot and communicate with your little one even if he/she is very little. He/she will see and hear you. They do not need to hold a phone or tablet in their hands, do not need to press any buttons to answer. The SelfieBot has the function of auto answer.

Security firms

Your SelfieBot combined with a phone/tablet is an excellent mobile security module, in which a phone/tablet serves as a mobile WiFi camera. It operates in 2g, 3g, 4g, WiFi. It has infrared night vision, a motion sensor, text function or similar means of message transmission.


If you are unable to be physically present at every meeting you have to attend the SelfieBot will help you virtually visit every meeting without wasting time driving there. Just put a SelfieBot at your partners’ offices or wherever you need, and communicate with them via any messenger, incl. Skype, Viber, Hangouts.


Take pictures and record videos remotely. Choose a view and camera angle remotely and take pictures or record videos using a phone or GoPro camera. Remote photography and video recording is possible now. The SelfieBot powers from either mains or battery. The wireless power bank of the SelfieBot enables up to 8 hours of autonomous operation.

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Those who communicate a lot

Just make calls from your mobile device hands free. You don’t need to hold it to make a video call. Our easy-to-use gadget will make night video calls more convenient due to its infrared uplighting. The “follow me” function will watch you, turning the device after you if you move around. You will not need to stay put to remain in picture.

Those who are in love

You don’t need additional light to make a night video call to your beloved. The SelfieBot Infrared uplighting will ensure a video signal of good quality. And what is more important, you don’t need to keep your phone or tablet in your hands. Mount it on the SelfieBot and it will follow your movements because it has a motion sensor. When you wake up in the morning the SelfieBot will wake up with you.

Those who have aged parents

You can call them anytime and your parents will not have to answer the call as the device has the auto-answer function. The telephone or tablet on the dock is always charged. You can control the device and turn it biplane to find your parents’ location in the room.

Those who cook a lot

You can watch your favorite film while being busy in the kitchen cooking something; you will not miss a moment of it as the screen of your tablet will turn after you watching your every movement. You can also communicate with people while cooking. Our SelfieBot will hold your communication device for you and will keep you in sight whenever you go in the kitchen. The “follow me” function gives you the freedom you need. And the wireless charger of SepfieBot will power your phone/tablet on the dock.

Those who go in for sports and like to make selfies

Do you want to know if you do your exercises correctly? The SelfieBot will autotrack your motions and take pictures or record videos of your performance. Professional coaches will find it useful for their video classes.

Creative persons

If you like to tell stories and share those stories with your people even if they are not nearby now you don’t need to sit in front of the camera. You are free to move around. Thanks to the “follow me” function the camera will keep you in sight. You can talk, tell stories, teach lessons, deliver lectures, draw or whatever, and the camera will watch you turning after you on its own. Online webinars are much easier with the SelfieBot.

Small enterprises

You are often absent but would like to know how well your stuff works, would like to communicate with your employees. Leave a SelfieBot with a phone or tablet in the office, call it and communicate as much as you like. Now your office is always accessible for you via a video call. Now it’s easy for you to hold inspections or give trainings. Just set your angle of view and communicate. You can have another SelfieBot with your phone or tablet at home to communicate with people hands free. This way your communication device is always charged and online, and will keep you in view if you move.

Those who like big companies

The SelfieBot helps friends get together. The one who is unable to come can still be virtually present at your table and participate in your conversation using any messenger he/she likes. The SelfieBot gives him/her an opportunity to watch the speaker manually changing the view angle. The SelfieBot is equipped with an external speaker to hear well your interlocutor. It also has a built-in battery to power the device, which ensures its work up to 8 hours.

Medical institutions

A doctor can communicate with his/her patients remotely to check the patient’s condition or to solve their minor health problems. A SelfieBot in a hospital ward will make it easier for patients’ relatives to say hello to their dear ones and wish them well.

Show rooms and demo stands

Turn your ordinary tablet into a movable advertising vehicle. It will attract much more attention. It will provide an interactive connection with the advertiser. Push a button to get a special product offer. The SelfieBot easily transforms phones and tablets into an advertising media, which will surely help increase sales.

Time cafes

The SelfieBot makes useless customers’ identification tokens in Time cafes. A SelfieBot in the cafe will remember every customer and will count their time. A customer will need only to check in and out with the SelfieBot. The SelfieBot will give them a bill to pay at the cashier when they leave.

Hotels and restaurants

The SelfieBot provides guests and customers with the telepresence function giving them the opportunity to communicate with the manager if necessary.

Banks and Insurance offices

The SelfieBot with a tablet will effectively substitute meeter-greeters at the entrance of banks and insurance offices. The device with the voice menu function identifies (recognizes) customers, gives answers to simple questions, and keeps them in picture. It may also help detect unwanted clients.

Points of sales

The SelfieBot will turn an ordinary tablet or phone into an effective tool to increase sales. The rotating gear ensures rotation of the camera to better show clients these or those goods or products. The telepresence function provides communication with a distant sales manager.