Your Active ChatBot

Do you want to receive news you are interested in? 

Do you want to have a ChatBot  that will monitor events and updates for you? 

Do you want to read news where it suits you to read it: on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Telegram, Slack?


Endurance offers you a unique solution: your personal ChatBot.

Your active ChatBot for searching, monitoring and getting the information you are interested in! 

Main settings

  1. Specify the resource, which you want to have monitored.
  1. Specify the frequency of monitoring.
  1. Specify the frequency of being informed.
  1. Specify keywords for monitoring.
  1. Specify the channel for informing: Twitter, Facebook, Email, Telegram, Slack


Additional settings 

  1. Specify additional time for new information.
  1. Specify stop-words if necessary.

The ChatBot selecting the information sends notices to a suitable channel of communication: Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Email, Telegram

Google API is used for searching and monitoring.


For example: Basic parameters setting:

  1. Site:
  1. Once a day
  1. Once a day
  1. “7 W, 10 W, 20 W  lasers, new laser testing, laser testing, new laser.”
  1. Telegram


For example. Data output:

  1. The Endurance company has started testing a 7 W laser. {upgrading date: 1/01/2017}. For more info click the link»
  1. «No news on this request on:»


Configure  your ChatBot so that it looks for what you are interested in!