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Cloud Solution for Email Search (Parsing Bot)

In this article I’m going to tell how to use a parsing bot and what for.
I think it’s not a secret for anyone that sales and purchasing managers, departments of partner and client attraction need to constantly attract new customers.
It’s great, when there is a strong marketing and PR service that can effectively attract a constant flow of customers.
But what if the business or its line is new and you have to look for customers yourself. You have nothing else to do but send emails and make “cold” calls.
A cloud solution for email parsing is designed to help client and partner managers to simplify the procedure of finding new customers and partners.

How does it Work Now?

Today the client and partner managers have to constantly look for potential customers and try to contact them. It takes more than 15 minutes to find one relevant email. Have you ever tried to find an email of an American professor who is interested in laser robotics or FPGA? It may take you an hour or more. The process is time consuming, indeed.
The success of this strategy is only 2-3%.

How does it Work with a Parsing Bot?

You write the same query in Google, which you use for search and click the start button, indicating the depth of the Google search, for example, 10 pages. This means that the parsing bot will look through 100 sites (10 sites on each page).
The parsing bot does for you everything else. Based on your targeted request, he finds exactly what you need.
In the result you get a list of ready emails.
This is convenient:
Google finds most relevant answers for you.
The parsing bot visits the sites you need and finds the necessary emails. You only need to formulate your request as fully and clear as possible.
Besides, the parsing bot deletes duplicate email addresses.
The parsing bot helps save the time needed to find and collect email addresses.

Another big plus is that this parser, when visiting this or that site, continues to collect email addresses there. For example, if this is a forum or a bulletin board, it can collect email addresses of all the participants (if this information is not protected).

Cloud Solution

An ideal solution to increase sales!