Software for image edition (converters to g-code):

Fire it up with LaserWeb!

Check out this open-source, laser-cutter controller software.
It’s designed to support home-made laser cutters, diode based laser engravers, and even converted Chinese laser cutters.

With built-in CAM for PolyLine DXF, and SVG, it can even create rasters from images.
It even supports four different firmwares, from grbl, to smoothieware, marlin and even lasaurgrbl!

Acan mini – software to make greyscales (halftones).
Download ACAN mini software

Acan — similar to Acan mini but with better interface, more guidance is avaiable on web site:
Download ACAN software

CHPU converter – software to generate g-code and engraving raster images.
Download CHPU

STL mounts for lasers (universal mounts): meetes compliance with Creative Commons license.