Chatbots for business. Integration into the active IT structure

Endurance offers

  • Chatbot integration into the active IT infrastructure of business;
  • Chatbot developing for given tasks;
  • Their efficiency testing and engineering analysis of measures.

Chatbots for Business from George Fomitchev

What is a chatbot?

The chatbot is a robot (artificial intelligence) with the ability to read and answer users’ queries by a template in the automatic mode via:

  • Website,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Gmail,
  • Slack,
  • Telegram,
  • etc.

Chatbot presentation from George Fomitchev

It is possible to train a chatbot using freebase and to train it to run JSON requests for up-to-date data (knowledge) acquisition from dynamic sources.

Where do you need it?

htmlimageChatbot — it is artificial intelligence, able to read and answer questions from employees and customers. The main task — save time on data. As well as improving the quality of customer service. In addition chatbot — this solution is easy to integrate into facebook, slack, twitter, telegram, thus creating a new and flexible sales channel or support.

A chatbot for a website

When installed on a website the chatbot operates in the popup window mode. A user gets an impression as if he interacts with a real person. The chatbot can help surf the website, can help with the intellectual search. It gives meticulous answers to users’ queries thus saving the users from non-relevant information.

If a bank website visitor, for instance, is looking for interest rates of a recurrent dollar deposit in the amount of10 K USD for the period of 6 months, the chatbot will inform him about the interest rates of the relevant deposits only.

Chatbots for email

A chatbot is able to substitute an operator to answer customers’ frequent queries in the automatic mode 24/7. So the potential saving on the stuff, who process incoming mails, is obvious.

A chatbot can be also trained to look for answers to queries and questions, the answers for which it does not know. Do research with the website, for instance, and with the given content.

htmlimage (1)

Chatbots for social networks

Social network chatbots are a new way to be closer to customers, communicate with them, answer questions on Facebook / Twitter. A chatbot can work as a moderator who sorts incoming queries and comments and responds to them in social networks 24 / 7.

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Chatbots в IM (instant messengers), in Telegram for instance

Telegram is a new advanced and efficient tool of Internet sales of the second decade of the 21st century. Telegram is not just a messenger it is also an excellent platform for sales.htmlimage (4)

An insurance company, for instance, can sell health insurance cards. A bank can offer variants of paying back loans, while а food delivery network can offer customers to use a familiar application to make orders without resorting to another one. A chatbot on Telegram is a new efficient channel of sales for any business.

An innovational solution, a unique solution is a SelfieBot + a Chatbot = a smart robot-companion.

The chatbot is an artificial intellect.

The SelfieBot is a stylish gadget for tablets and mobile phones with the tracking function, enabling it to rotate after the interlocutor during a call.

Endurance offers a unique opportunity to install a chatbot to the SelfieBot robot. The SelfieBot recognizes faces and rotates after the interlocutor, causing the user the feeling of interaction.

The user talks with it as if it were a human being. The chatbot recognizes speech, analyzes questions and gives answers.

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Possible application:

  • Robot receptionist at reception desks to inform about visitors.
  • Robot promoter to advertise goods and services.
  • Robot consultant to answer customers’ queries and questions.
  • Robot interviewer to interview users and collect feedback.
  • Robot waiter to take orders in restaurants and cafes.

Chatbot integration into information systems reduces expenditure and improves service quality.


  • Reduction of personnel (operators) costs.
  • Reduction of the responses latency
  • Improvement of the support service quality.
  • Possibility to increase working hours.
  • Additional channels of sales.

Why Endurance?

  • Highly professional team.
  • Free consultations.
  • Low cost of integration.
  • Easy and quick beta chatbot installation.

Want to know more?

Endurance is the world of endless prospects of robotics.


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Endurance search bot

Endurance made a chatbot that helps you to find something you are looking for.
We modify google search and give you just one answer.
You do not get a list of links, you just get an answer!



After a few month of hard work we made at last a chatbot memorizer.
He remembers not just words but a whole meaning of a sentence, phrase.
Type «Remember»

and then type a request that you want a chatbot to remind you.
He will help remind you.
Try it now!

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