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Presentation for potential investors is available upon request for now.

To date we have raised $120k through both corporate and private investors who believe in our products and our vision.


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Before Endurance Matteo Borri worked with:


PhoneSat Mars Simulation Medical Rover see crew reports Solar Rover Before Endurance George I Fomitchev worked in:


George started several startups:


And many other successful business projects.


Our team’s work history spans industries from Finance, Gaming, all the way through to the Aerospace industry. Our team’s experience is vast and contributes to the success of both our products and services.

Endurance is a technology startup specialising in drones and robotics. Its headquarters are based in San Francisco and Moscow.

If you are interested in what we do and would like to invest, we are always looking for investment to allow us to further our goals and grow our company.

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We proud to say that we produce a number of exceptional solutions such as:

  1. Laser cutters
  2. Telepresence robot
  3. Small antbots
  4. Big wheel drones
  5. Small quadcopters
  6. Drone helicopters

Our laser cutters, telepresence robot and small quadcopter are on the market currently.

Our drone helicopter, small antbots, big wheel drones are beta testing right now and we’re hoping to bring them to market very shortly.


Little bit of history

Endurance was established on the 11-th of January 2015 by Russian entrepreneur George I Fomitchev and electrical engineer and NASA contractor Matteo Borri.

The idea of Endurance developed when George was introduced to Matteo’s solutions.

Seeing the potential of Mr. Borri’s solutions, we realised that we had to bring these products to market and work towards enhancing people’s lives.


Our mission is to robotize everything we can, to reduce inefficiency and time consumption.

Our goal is to make life easier and more comfortable.

Our moral principle — Our solutions will only be applied and produced to enhance people’s lives.


Why do our customers like our products? Because we are very flexible and try to meet our customers’ demands. We realize that an understanding about our customer’s difficulties and requirements is necessary in order to develop solutions to solve business processes.


We believe in everything we do. Our team is dedicated and works tirelessly to produce the best solutions possible. Not only for living but also for fun. Who doesn’t like playing with robots.


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