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Experiments with Endurance lasers

Laser cutting using 5.6W Endurance diode laser

Laser cutting parameters using CNCC LaserAxe software

5.6W long-focus lens laser

2 mm plywood speed 3000, the number of repetition of 10

3 mm plywood speed 8000, the number of repetition of 30

4 mm plywood speed 500, the number of repetition of 10

Parameters for laser cutting using 5.6W Endurance laser.

Regular long focal lens with focal range 2-10 cm (1-4’’)  

Plywood width



2 mm (1/12’’)



3 mm (1/8’’)



4 mm (1/6’’)





Short focal lens G2 with focal range 5 mm (1/5’’)

Plywood width



2 mm (1/12’’)



3 mm (1/8’’)



4 mm (1/6’’)



5 mm (1/5’’)



Laser engraving on a leather using 8W laser

How you may do a laser engraving on real leather (belt) with 8W powerful diode laser.

Laser engraving on a synthetic stone using 8W laser

Demo how you may engrave on synthecic stone with powerful 8W diolde (solid-state) laser.

Laser engraving on transparent acrylic using 8W laser

Endurance shows how you may engrave on transparent materials such as glass and acrylic. There is one nuance how to make a nice engraving. Very easy. Watch now!

Laser engraving on piece of glass using 8W laser

Endurance lasers can engrave on many type of glass. 8W laser can easily engrave a picture or a legend. Does not require a lot of time.

Laser cutting of 8mm (1/3») using 8W laser

Now powerful 8W diode lasers from Endurance are powerful to cut 1/3″ of dark (black acrylic). We use long focal lens but short focal lens can also be used.

Laser engraving on anodized aluminum using 8W laser

Engraving on anodized aluminum was only possible using powerful CO2 laser with 60-100W output. Endurance shows how you may engrave on anodized aluminum with 8W (8000mW) 445 mn diode (solid-state) laser. You need to cover anodized aluminum with special paste and you are ready to go!

Laser cutting of 4 mm (0.18») of plywood with 8W (8000mW) Endurance laser

Endurance 8W diode laser can cut 4 mm of plywood with only one path. Average speed is about 100-150 setted in CNCC LaserAxe software.

Laser engraving on a stone

Now you may engrave on stones and create nice gifts for yor friends and family. Very easy. Before Endurance you could only engrave on stone using CNC routers and now you may do it with a laser.

Comparison of an Endurance L-Cheapo 2.1W diode laser and 2W laser that was bought from AliExpress

Here is a comparison between Endurance lasers and Chinese one bout on Ali.

How to cut a heart using 3.5W diode laser?

Cutting a heart (piece of art) on a foil. Very accurate laser cut.

Laser engraving using 5.6W diode Endurance DIY machine on aluminum

Engraving on a painted aluminum using 5.6W diode laser installed on a DIY CNC machine

3.5 Watt (3500mW) diode laser Endurance L-Cheapo cuts 0.2» of wood with vacuum cleaner.

3.5W laser cuts 1/5» (5 mm) of wood with vacuum cleaner as an add-on.

3.5 Watt (3500mW) diode laser Endurance L-Cheapo cuts acrylic.

3.5W laser enables acrylic laser cutting process.

Cut on piece of plywood. Simple, at home.

Short demo footage how to do a laser cutting at home or in office

Endurance 3.5 watt laser test.

Endurance sohws a live test of 3.5W laser in Sapphire office.

Endurance 2.1 watt L-Cheapo laser cuts acrylic.

2.1W laser powerful enough to cut acrylic.

Endurance 2.1 watt L-Cheapo laser cuts wood.

Live demo footage of laser cutting of a piece of wood

Comparison between DIY Engraving machine vs. Makeblock XY plotter 2.0 kit.

Comparison between Makeblock and DIY engraving machine. Raster vs vetor.

3.5 Watt (3500mW) diode laser Endurance L-Cheapo cuts 0.2 inch of wood.

3.5W laser cuts 1/5″ of wood

3.5 Watt (3500mW) diode laser L-Cheapo cuts 0.16 inch of a wood.

Demo video of L-CHeapo laser cutting 0.16″ of wood (live)


Engraving on a glass with 3.5W diode laser L-Cheapo.

Laser engraving on glass using 3.5W diode laser.