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Introduction to laser technologies

We introduce new diode (solid-state) technology for laser cutting and laser engrainvg. Unlike to CO2 engraving machines, diode laser cutting and engraving machines are portable and very easy to use. They are much cheaper and provide with the same abilities as CO2 machines

Some useful info about additive technologies from Endurance.

Brief video about additive technologies

Production of a printed circuit boards with Endurance L-Cheapo diode Laser.

We show a new technology how you may create your own PCB using using diode laser, film (tape) and FeCl3.

Endurance DIY laser engraving machine. Promo

Our DIY engraving machine promo video.

Endurance mini DIY laser engraving and cutting machine.

DIY engraving machine (mini version)

Endurance makeblock engraving and cutting machine.

Makeblock for laser engraving and cutting. Promo demo.

Endurance lasers and engraving machines.

Promo for Endurance lasers.

Gift plywood card «Merry Christmas» engraved with Endurance L-Cheapo laser.

How you may create your own card for your firends and family using Endurance lasers.

Laser engraving at 3D-printer Wanhao

Endurance L-Chapo laser installed on a 3D-printer.

Lasers and engraving machines made by Endurance.

Endurance lasers and engraving machines.

Diode lasers and engraving tables for home and offices made by Endurance.

Home and office table engraving devices. Run your own business with Endurance lasers.

Endurance DIY laser engraving and cutting machine. Promo

Promo video for DIY engraving machine.

Home engraving with Endurance.

Make nice engravings at home.

Endurance laser cutter in full action!

Live demo video of abilities of Endurance L-Cheapo laser.

Darth Vader mask engraving using blue diode laser 3.5Watt (3500 mW).

Imagine, create, become a master of art in laser engraving

Darth Vader mask engraving with L-Cheapo laser.

Darth Vader mask engraving.