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Lasers and engraving machines overview

Engraving sample with Endurance Wanhao DuPlicator i3 laser engraving machine.

Endurance lasers can be easily installed on any 3D-printer converting them into powerful laser cutting / engraving machine. Endurance laser is a useful add-on for any 3D-printer or CNC machine.

Home engraving with Endurance L-Cheapo laser.

Home engraving became very easy. Now anyone can make it.

Endurance L-Cheapo demo on a 3D printer Ultimaker 2.

Ultimaker 2 upgraded version with powerful 2.1W diode laser on extruder.

Engraving on Wanhao DuPlicator 3D printer using 3.5 watt Endurance L-Cheapo.

Start engraving and laser cutting on your 3D printer. Just install our laser that will not take more than 60 munites.

Neje engraving demo video

Neje mini engraving machine. One of the smallest engraving machine.
Good to be kept on any table.

Comparison of different CNC machines 3D printer and DIY

Full demo video explainig the difference between all engraving and CNC machines.

Demonstration of a laser engraver Neje

Run an engraving process on Neje. Create you own business card.

Demo of 5.6W diode L-Cheapo laser abilities.

Full demo footage of 5.6W laser abilities. Demonstrating all laser cutting abilities.

Using laser engravers made by Endurance.

Use laser engraving on leather in your business.

How to run a business providing laser engraving on leather. Workshop for leather engraving using DIY mini.

Use MakeBlock plotter XY 2.0. kit for laser engraving / cutting

Endurance Makeblock for laser engraving. Upgraded version with Endurance laser.

Demonstration of engraver Middle DIY Endurance and GRBL software.

GRBL software demo footage how to use and operate that DIY engraving machine.

Stepper motor for a DIY Engraving machine.

Stepper motors can be added to to DIY engraving machine that will allow to move laser in Z axis. It allows to do a laser focusing in a more convenient way.

Deer engraving on a piece of plywood.

Laser engraving on a piece of plywood.