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Laser and engraving machines tutorials and guidance

How to connect powerful laser on any 3D-printer (for example WanHao)

How to connect powerful laser (2 amps+) on any 3D-printer.

How to use CNCC LaserAxe software

Example how to make a logo and some overview about laser settings

How to connect powerful lasers to DIY engrainvg machine (bought from Aliexpress)

Instruction how to connect and plug powerful lasers into DIY Engraving machine CNC LaserAxe.

How to make a greyscale (halftones) on DIY engraving machine

Full example how to make halftones / greyscale using using Endurance lasers. Not many laser support greyscale.

Home engraving. Engrave easy.

Demo footage how make home engraving. Any girl can do that.

How to make a plywood box using a laser engraver.

Full guidance how to make a casket using Endurance lasers. Become a maker with Endurance lasers.

Engraving on a plywood. Endurancelasers, Gcode, Wanhao.

Prepare a g-code and start engraving process. WanHao combo unit for engraving and cutting. very convenient and easy tool.

Dandelion engraving using L-Cheapo 3.5W diode laser on a piece of plywood.

Engraving on a piece of plywood.

How to cut a handsome figure using a laser on a cardboard.

Cardboard is very easy to cut with 2.1W and 3.5W Endurance lasers. Only one path.

Leather engraving on a DIY mini engraving machine

Leather engraving has never been so easy. Now you may engrave and do not emboss an image.

How to use CNCC Laseraxe software

Full demo video footage to to use CNCC LaseAxe software. We belive that it is one of the most popular software for engraving process if you use DIY Engraving machine. Use 2.5 version (much more stable)

Getting started video: CNCC Laseraxe software (Demo: how to use software CNCC LaserAxe for DIY engraving machine)

Additional explanation how to use CNCC LaseAxe software. Very easy and quite practical solution.

How to do laser soldering using 5.6W diode laser.

5.6W diode lasers enable ability to weld and do soldering. Alternative technology.

Video tutorial how to use BenBox software

Benbox software can be used with Makeblock plotter 2.0 kit. Quite impressive software. Can engrave using gc-doe, raster and vetor images, very convenient.

How to assemble MakeBlock XY plotter.

Full demo video of assembling process — Makeblock XY 2.0 plotter kit. Remember all Endurance Makeblocks are already assembled and ready to go. You do not need to spend 4-6 hours for assembling. We save your time.

Tutorial how prepare Gcode to make laser engraving using inkscape.

If you run an engraving process on CNC machine or 3D printer then you need to prepare a g-code for engraving. It is not a very complicated exercise. We tried to simplify everything in this video footage.

How to assemble DIY engraver.

If you bought a DIY plotter or engraving machine on AliExpress, it might be no assemlbed and then you need to watch this video and then you will be able to assemble it by yourself.

Aluminum engraving at home using diode laser.

Electrolysis process to make a nice engraving on aluminum. Very easy to make and you may create a real piece of art by yourself.

How to make dotted engraving on metal.

If you want to engrave on a metal then you may watch this video footage where we explain how you may do it. You only need power source and salt to run this process.

Endurancelasers plug-in for Inkscape.

We have created a plug-in for Inkscape for filling in.

Instruction of engraving with laser via InkScape software

Full video guidance how to prepare an image in inkscape software for laser engraving.

Endurance L-Cheapo 2100 mw diode laser installation process on Wanhao Duplicator i3.

How to install a laser on a 3D printer. You may install almost on any 3D-rpinter our add0on laser. Does not require more than 60 minutes if you do it for the first time.

Video tutorial on how to make laser cutting on a makeblock. (how to make a nice laser cut on Makeblock using 3.5W laser)

Engraving and laser cutting on makeblock is very easy process.